Thursday, March 3, 2016

RH Furniture Knock-Offs And Paint Colors

For several years, I yearned for a Restoration Hardware (RH) bed. So expensive. 
One day I was in a furniture store right next door to RH and they had what looked like the same bed, but at half the price. And guess was made locally. 
The RH bed comes in several different colors. I would've ordered a white one from RH, but at half the price, I settled for the knock-off. Here's the RH bed frame from their website:
Restoration Hardware Bed

Someday I'll probably paint this bed frame white, but for now it stays the color it is. 
Now--did you notice that, quite by accident, the bed frame, wall color, drapes, lamps and lampshades are all the same golden brown color? 
I say by accident because the builder painted the walls that color, the drapes we already had from a previous house, the lamps and lampshades are from two houses ago, and that's the only color the knock-off bed frame came in.
At Christmas time, I bought two red and cream shams at Pottery Barn. They bring a little color to the brown room, but as Winter fades, the deer-themed shams will be put away. I'm looking for another color to perk up all the brown cabinets and walls. 
Not surprising, the rest of the house tends toward a cream and golden brown color too, which is hard on a gal who really likes bright white cabinets and trim. 
I happened upon this Sherwin-Williams' blue paint color recently. It's kind of growing on me.
As you can see below, our kitchen counters are brown too and our front room, kitchen and breakfast room are one big area.
I found a picture of a similar room painted white, using a similar blue color for accents. Wild Bill is resistant to white walls, but I don't see any other solution.

As you can see from the first pictures, our room is so dark --even with the window coverings open-- I can hardly take pictures in there. I would be thrilled if the white paint lightened up our room like the room above.

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  1. the bed is beautiful and very, very elegant. It looks great in your room.

  2. Pretty bed. I like how even the tub goes. xoxo Su

  3. Ooooooh, love the bed!! I really like the blue. But I love light! White. Antique white. Shimmery gray. Sigh. I do love light brown and wood, but the white brings it to life.

  4. Your bed is beautiful! I bet you'd love a brighter color and some blue touches. I can picture it. :)

  5. wow , you won the prize on that bed
    I vote for white and I bet you'd love it once it was on the wall. blues in accessories would be lovely.

    maybe just paint the bed wall and live with it a few days to see..

  6. I love the bed too! It's beautiful! Living in a log home all these years, I feel like white walls would be wonderful!

  7. Love the bed! My husband and I have both been saying we need a new one and need to start looking around.

  8. I love the idea of white wall, but, I too am a little nervous of it being too white.

  9. Great minds think alike, Sugar! We have that same brown-earthy tone here and I went with a pure light blue accent-rugs (with some brown in them) and pillows and throws. LOVE it. It is soft, soothing and makes me smile.
    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  10. Oh my, I LOVE that bed!
    don't ask me about wall color! LOL!
    every room in my home is white except for one.
    Although today I'm thinking off just painting it all!

    I love that last photo though, with the white walls and blue accents.

  11. Loving the blue you chose and the white. I admit picking paint colors on some of my walls can be daunting, I always get my living room right when I choose a new color but my bedroom...I miss the mark very single time. So I finally just painted all white for a fresh start. I am so jealous over your RH knockoff find! That bed is wonderful!

  12. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Your bed is absolutely gorgeous, dear friend!
    I think your Sherwin~Williams chip of blue is a perfect accent for your room! I'll be watching to see how you spread this lovely hue throughout your home!

  13. Sharon, what a find! Gorgeous! I enjoy seeing your changes.

  14. What a find! It was definitely meant to be, Sharon :)


  15. thank goodness! RH is so least to your bed

  16. Wow, good for you, the bed is gorgeous. Looks intentional (and tranquil and pretty!) with your existing color, but white might really set it off. I'm sure you'll make it pretty no matter what you decide.

  17. Lucky you, the bed is wonderful! I think I would light blue as an accent color, I like it with brown.

  18. Hi Sharon ,,,, i love your blog , you have a new follower