Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back-To-School Backpacks

Pottery Barn Kid's catalog arrived yesterday. I'm a sucker for their backpacks. Especially the Pre-K ones! 
Why? Maybe because "Back-To-School" when I was a kid meant getting a new pair of shoes and some school clothes, but there was no money for extras... 
Who knows...but as soon as I saw PB Kid's new Back-To-School catalog with free shipping and then received a "20% off purchase" post card in the same mail, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist a purchase (or five) 
With free shipping and 20% off, it sounded like a good "Christmas In July" gift for the school-age grand kids. Little Henry, age 2, just got a new back pack for his birthday last month, so we are down to four.
Waiting to hear what they will choose. I'm probably more excited than they are. 
I think Ben and Tucker will pick something in the Star Wars motif.
Lily, age 7 going on 18, responded first of course. She was very thorough with a link to her choice, color of writing for her name and even the font type. Ya gotta love a second grader! Here's her choice of motif:
Purple and aqua pandas...and, please, no rolling ones for her! She's a big girl now, but I can't wait til she grows up to be president so I can show her the picture of the rolling one she adored when she was three.

Olivia at age three and a half, gets no choice in the matter. If she did, it would be something god awful and purrpoyl (purple) and would be lost in a sea of all her other purrpoyl things! Nope. Her mother and I already agreed on this one...
How could we not? I think I might want to wear it myself the next time we visit! They say old age is like a second childhood.

How about you? When you grew up was back-to-school a big deal?Did Sears and Roebuck's or Montgomery Ward's catalogs dictate what you would wear? 

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  1. Yes, back to school was always a big deal as a child and as an adult teaching elementary school. Everything new and fresh, it was exciting to be back in school with friends. Thanks for the visit to Hyacinths. I appreciate your comment.

  2. We had to wear school uniform and had brown leather satchels, so nothing exciting really. We were all exactly the same.

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Back~to~School always meant new shoes, new clothing (from the Leader Clothing Store) and Big Chief tablet and yellow #2 pencils!
    My heart longed for a pair of Saddle Shoes, but I never e v e r had a pair!
    Our Church does a Back~to~School Mission of filing back packs with needed school supplies for less fortunate students. This is one Mission near and dear to "Mr. Ed" and my heart!

  4. I always carefully researched my new outfits in the catalogs and marked the pages and slowly narrowed it down and then....
    We went to the store and bought a couple of outfits that I always hated.
    Much like your childhood, there were no extras for our family. Dad didn't believe in extras.
    But I would have LOVED that kitty backpack!