Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Down On The Farm...

We went to the Farmer's Market recently and found one of the venders has an organic farm not more than 5 miles from our home. We went out that day and enjoyed the sights as well the meat we bought.

This is the farm store. I really enjoyed the pictures painted on their sign and hope to have the artist paint a blackboard for me.

This old chair must be as old as I am! It looks comfy, but didn't risk whether it would hold me or not. We will be buying all our meats at the farm from now on. All animals are grass fed and free to roam. No pesticides, hormones, or fertilizers are used except for the fertilizer that comes out one end when the cow eats from the other...if'n you know what I mean.


  1. That place was neat. Dominion Farms.

    What a shame you didn't get any pictures of that rug I was so in love with.

  2. What a great place. I worry about all the stuff in our food these days too. Cute blackboard idea!