Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vintage Cabinet

Last year, I bought this old vintage cabinet from
a shop downtown called The Interior Store.
I love their back room...
 where you can sell furniture you don't want...
and buy someone else's stuff!

I loved this cabinet when it was down in the
consignment room of Carol's shop,
but it just hasn't seemed to fit in around our house. 

It seemed like the yellowish brown color would fit in with our distressed kitchen cabinets...

But, the little vintage cabinet is a little too yellow.


I'm thinking of painting the cabinet,
or moving it to another room.
I want to hang the old rusty sign above it
when it finally finds a place in the house.
Got any ideas of what color would make
the little cabinet fit in better?
I think our walls need a darker color too,
just haven't decided what would look good
with the kitchen cabinets... 
I'd love to hear your ideas!


  1. What a pretty the detailing. You are asking a woman who bit off more than she could chew as I took on the largest project ever. A cabinet that was original to this 1907 home. Painting it.. distressing it.. and waxing it. Soooo... here are my thoughts for you. (1)you could dry brush over it so that the original paint shows through (2)pick up one of the accent colors already in your kitchen and use that, maybe even a more muted or bolder version of it and (3) continue in the same color as the cabinets and then paint the walls a deeper color than what you already have to make everything pop. That is my five cents worth!!! LOL

  2. Love the top shape to that cabinet! It looks like Old White chalk paint {Annie Sloan} with some clear and dark wax might give you the look of your kitchen cabinets if you are going to paint it. I'd love to see what you wind up doing to do it whatever color you choose. : )

  3. The cabinet is gorgeous....Those cabinets wouldn't be hard to match if that's what you want...Your cabinets look like they're a cream colored paint with a brown glaze that's wiped off...I think your cabinet would look stunning like that and you can test out your choices on scrap lumber or what you have lying around...

  4. I think the stain that would match your cabinets would look great!

  5. Great Cabinet! I am all about gray lately. Any shade of gray would be lovely ;)

  6. I'm into black, shiny black. I think it would pop in your kitchen without taking away from your cabinets.

  7. I think I would go with an accent color, as opposed to trying to "match" your cabinetry. I am in love with soft, distressed turquoise right now. But, a pretty gray-tinted green, soft and mossy, might look pretty, too. Whatever you decide, the cabinet has lovely lines!

  8. I love the idea of the swap thing...what a great idea! I go for emerald green alot these days!

  9. It is so beautiful it certainly deserves to be seen everyday so I would match the kitchen furniture !

  10. Its hard to say with out seeing the whole room but painting would be a great idea...i love the piece and your kitchen...

  11. Lots of great suggestions but I have to agree with Kadee, sounds like the perfect solution......LOVE finding your blog!!!

  12. I like the cabinet but definitely think it could use a coat of paint.

  13. It looks like your kitchen is amazing!! Off to see if you have shared more of it.