Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another Shade Of White

It's no secret, I like to paint things white.

I went crazy when I saw all the WHITE Fall
decor when I went to Laurie Anna's shop
in Canton Texas earlier this month
All these pictures are from LaurieAnna's
blog. I've put a link below.

Of course, I came right home and started
painting my old orange pumpkins white.

I bought two medium and two small white
pumpkins at Laurie Anna's shop.
The creamy whiteness of the pumpkins
is a perfect brownish white.

I'm planning to take one of the pumpkins down to
Home Depot and have the paint department use
their computerized equipment to color match
a quart of paint to the white color of the pumpkin.

I received no compensation for this post from
Laurie Anna's or Home Depot.

Here's a pumpkin I painted next to two little ones
from Laurie Anna's. You can see how white
the one I painted is compared to the two smaller
ones I bought at Laurie Anna's.

All that's needed is a sample the size of a 
quarter and they can match any color for you.
I'm sure other places can do it too, I'm just
familiar with Home Depot's process.

Once, to match an old wall color, we took a small
piece of the wall out of a corner of a closet.
The touch-up paint matched perfect.

I've also had Home Depot color match paint
to a yellow sweatshirt and a towel that was the prettiest
shade of brown. They put the fabric right on the
equipment and it turned out perfect too.

Check out LaurieAnna's here:


  1. I am going to Canton next weekend and I am so Excited! Its a very long trip from here but I need to look for more angels to paint. I love your pumpkins and your idea to take it to be color matched. A perfect color to paint a wall or anything really, love it!

  2. Isn't her shop wonderful? I'm hoping I get over there this next Canton weekend. Love your blog! Following you back.

  3. Last year I found the sweetest little white pumpkins at the nursery near me. I fell in love with them and now I must have them, but cannot find them anywhere. I never even thought about faux ones!! Thank you, thank you for the inspiration!! :)

  4. Those white pumpkins look amazingly classy. Never thought of white decorations ever before. thanks for sharing.

  5. I love white pumpkins - yours look just beautiful!
    I'm always getting colors matched at Home Depot - they're amazing !

  6. I love the fall white! I saw real white pumpkins in WalMart yesterday and got so excited! I'm thinking about chalk painting pumpkins instead of carving this year! :)

  7. Aren't you brilliant, I love those white pumpkins and never thought to paint it. Love it!