Monday, September 8, 2014

Two Birds With One Stone

Do you need more storage space?
Me Too!

While putting out the Fall decor, I discovered
some storage for my Christmas decorations
that are too delicate for the garage.
The tops of my kitchen cabinets!

You can't see it, but under the baskets are
plastic shoe boxes holding ornaments and
small decorations.
Then, in the large baskets, the larger
decorations like deer and such fit in.
 I bought some more of my favorite baskets
at Target -- The ones that come with black
wooden tags on one end and one side.

I plan to paint the black tags white like the 
the tag with the number 7 that I hung on the 
basket on the left in the picture below.
Are you still with me?
That was a mouthful!

I really have a thing for numbers and chalkboards.
Luckily, you probably do too -- unless you're my
dear husband, who does not get the whole
chalkboard or number thing --

I've learned to say:
"Bless His Heart!"
A term in the South that denotes the person
referenced is just a little off... can see in the picture above,
I got four baskets up above this side of
the kitchen.
The two on the left are different heights
because I ran out of plastic shoe boxes
and need to go buy some more.
 I bought a new chicken at a thrift store for $15.
I like her because she looks a little pissed.
If Wild Bill riles me up, instead of saying
"Talk to the hand"
I can say
"Talk to the chicken!"
(bless his heart)

So, as you can see in the picture above, down
came a pumpkin and up went the chicken...
to the right of the scarecrow.
One of my favorite things about the kitchen
cabinets is how the molding on this cabinet
wraps around the wall.
Simple things occupy simple minds!

Speaking of that, Wild Bill said he was
amazed how I could spend hours and hours just
putting up Fall decorations and changing them
around. He commented it was a real gift,
but laughed when he said it so I'm not sure
exactly what he meant...
Bless His Heart!

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  1. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Great solution to the unending problem of storing our Seasonal home decor accessories!!!
    Love, LOVE, L O V E the white boards with black numbers!!!
    The chicken does have a bit of attitude in her expression. . .bless her heart!!! Love the vignette with the pumpins and red florals!!!
    Cute post!
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  2. Your cabinets are beautiful and I love the baskets and the fall decorations. You are really good at that! I had a good friend from Minnesota a few years ago. She said you people in the south are funny. You feel like it is okay to talk about people as long as you add "bless his or her heart". :)

  3. LOL- GREAT idea! Your cabinets are just lovely. Next house I am going with the glazed look, too. And, yes, there will be another house because I can't imagine stopping at 14 houses, can you? lol I love baskets, too, but the ticked off chicken is my favorite.

    Yes- NONE of them get it! They are ALL a little off- bless their hearts! lol xo Diana

  4. I think he's thinking you keep busy decorating and redoing and bless your heart LOL! Jist sayin. I love the look on the chicken too. Great find! I don't have decorations anymore and hesitate to buy stuff to store. I am going simple these retired days. Your kitchen is lovely. The baskets for storage is genius.

  5. Really pretty fall decor! I love the baskets for storage!

  6. What a great and creative, and may I say, charming way to create storage. Your fall decorations look lovely, too.
    I think that you have hit on a great idea here, bravo!
    You're a pretty smart girl.

  7. The molding wrapping around is not a "simple thing", but an important detail

    Your husband and mine would get along. He just doesn't get the whole chalkboard, number, letter .... thing.

    Great idea for storage.

  8. I think his laugh is his way of saying "bless HER heart". LOL! : ) I think it looks great. The cabinet tops are always such a challenge to me, especially because I've got so much of it - height-wise and width-wise. I like how your small bin of ornaments also works as a riser for this area because I currently use old books up there to raise my decorations up.

  9. Oh I just love how you decorated your shelf with the autumn décor and I really love that pissed off chicken. He fits right in, too. I also love your idea for putting Christmas decorations in baskets on a shelf. I have some glass ornaments that are near and dear to my heart and I'm always worried that they will break, so thanks a bunch. I will definitely be putting your wonderful idea to good use at my house... :)

  10. Love the 'bless his heart". Love your chicken too. Great baskets.

  11. O, I seem to use "bless his heart" an awfully lot around here...:)
    MEN...they just don't see how cute baskets and chalk boards really are...and NUMBERS...Mr. Sweet's eyes roll so far back in his head when I start putting numbers on things, I wonder if he'll ever seen again. hahh
    I love your idea above the cabinets and I may use the same idea....thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Ha! Yes, indeed, bless his heart! My own husband said similar things about my decorating. Then I started decorating for weddings and people pay me to do it -- now he says "you go girl!" Your kitchen looks beautiful, and I do, indeed, appreciate that the cabinet molding wraps around the corner! It looks much more "finished" that way! You go girl! Hugs, Catherine

  13. Oh my. So cute. Your cabinets are gorgeous. Perfect for some fall decor. Your scarecrow is adorable too! My husbands name is Bill also. He doesn't quite get it either.