Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Banner And Pillows

I didn't win that banner over at
Art And Sand's blog,
but don't feel sorry for me --- 

Carol sent me a banner anyway!

 Here's a closer look...
 I guess you noticed I didn't climb back up
on top of the kitchen cabinets to put it up
there like I said I would if I won.

For now, I put it in the TV room I'm making
out of what was the dining room.

Here's a moody shot of the room to give it a
little drama. I really need to just pick a paint
color and paint this room a darker color.
 The "FALL" banner goes well with the Pottery Barn 
pillows I bought last year. They're back in the stores
and catalog this year.

 That's one of my new PB lampshades in the
corner there. I bought them for another room,
but tried them out in here to add some pattern.
I sure love the "Fall" banner.
Carol called her gift "passing on the blog love."
I love that, and I plan to pass some on myself.
If you weren't one of the five winners, you can
still make one of these banners for yourself.
Carol put the easy-to-follow directions for
making them on her blog.

Full disclosure...I love the banner and
Art And Sand's blog. She did send me one
of the banners, but the opinion is my own.

And, I wish I could tell you Pottery Barn pays
me to gush about their products, but they don't.

Check out Carol's blog, you'll enjoy it.
And maybe you're one of the five winners.


  1. Congrats! I love Carol's blog and her hubby is such a talented artist. Love that she sent you a banner anyway. xo Diana

  2. It was probably my shameless adoration of her banners. When she saw my post featuring her giveaway, she said she would make one for me without putting me in the giveaway. I love the look and plan to follow her directions and make some for all the holidays.

  3. Rivercrest Cottage,
    LOVE your Fall Banner!!!
    Those pillows are gorgeous from Pottery Barn. . .and I like the texture and pattern of the new lampshade, too!!! amazing what a few new accessories will do to"pick" us up!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. You are too funny!

    And, you are so sweet for the kind words. The banners are totally easy. I also make them out of old book pages with rub on letters. I made one with the letters J O Y on book pages and hung it on the dining room table between the candlesticks at Christmas.

  5. Isn't Carol the sweetest? I didn't win one of her ticking Fall bags last year either but she sent me one. I have it on my desk right now. :) Your banner looks great along with the color of your couch and the PB pillows.

  6. Love the banner and the PB pillows are wonderful!