Sunday, November 29, 2015

Before We Leave Fall...A Rewind

I know we're all getting into Christmas decor, but I need to rewind to a little view of Fall we experienced in October.
 Yeah, here's a close up of that cute sign...If the broom fits ride it!
 I'm going to have to remember that sign next Halloween.
The pumpkins and flowers were just lovely in this little North Carolina town of Highlands. I was ready to move there, but Wild Bill brought me down to earth when he started reading me the prices of houses in this little town. Whew!
 But, you know this girl loves to dream, so we drove around town and took pictures of the houses and buildings. The air was so clean up in the mountains, I didn't want to leave.

Here's pictures, as best we could get, of a gated community right by downtown. If you live here, let me say I would be glad to house-sit for you during the Winter months when you'd rather be in Florida.

Since we knew we couldn't afford a house there, we decided to have lunch. Everyone seemed to be heading towards a market, so we did too. Wonderful! 

 We were there early in the day, so we had breakfast. Despite the high prices of the houses, the food was really reasonable.
After breakfast, we headed out of town. Still loving all the flowers and plants everywhere in town. 

As we headed down the mountain, we passed several springs spraying the road and all those who got near.
The roads were cut right into the hill. I was glad I wasn't driving so I could yell at Wild Bill to slow down! We couldn't figure out how they get trucks up this road to the towns on the mountain tops.
Hope you enjoyed this part of our Fall road trip. The colors were unbelievable. Being a native Californian, who barely knew what they meant by 'four seasons' while growing up, I love seeing the leaves turn in the Fall. You really have to see it for yourself to understand how lovely the colors can be.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Those are great pictures and it is okay to dream a little, you know! I grew up with mountain roads like that in PA. It scares my hubby every time we go home and I drive like I always did on them. lol A little scare is good for the heart sometimes. xo Diana

  2. What a glorious trip...the photos are great. What a wonderful time to be there.

  3. Hi Rhonda I love your decor. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. I will be back soon.

    Hugs from Oklahoma,

    Cottage Making Mommy


  4. Hi Sharon.
    thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment..

    ohhh all that fall looks so pretty. I can almost smell the fall scents in the air.. love love love that broom~! I'll have to make one of those for sure lol..


  5. Beautiful photos! I'm ready for Christmas, but those photos have me wishing for a little more fall! :-)

  6. It is nice to stop for a moment and look back. Time goes by too quickly, especially during this crazy season.

  7. Love seeing these photos!
    Looks like a great place to visit! LOL!