Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Pumpkin Patch

I am ready to be done with Halloween. Before I take it down today, I took some pictures of the mantle where a small pumpkin patch was being invaded by a flock of crows. 
The poor old scarecrow is just not scary enough to keep them off!

A while back we put the TV over the fireplace. It sure ruins ones ability to decorate so I'm on a campaign to relocate it to the other wall.

Last year the scarecrow was up high on top of the kitchen cabinets. I think he looked happier up there with the chickens...
What do you think?
Hope you got more treat than trick last night. We really stocked up on candy, but the rain kept many of the little ones from coming out. We gave it away by the hand-fulls, but still have way too much candy left for people trying to get healthy.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I am ready to take Halloween down today, too. Here I come Thanksgiving!!!!
    Your decorations were really cute, though! xo Diana

    1. Di, think I am going to pull out all the xmas decor and just have Txsgiving with xmas decor. Tired of orange, going all out red.

  2. Our Halloween is coming down today too. I like your scarecrow up with the chickens. Like the crows on the mantel.

  3. Wonderful decorations. I too am ready to be done with Halloween . I am keeping all my faux flowers on the porch, but getting rid of the pumpkins..well putting them away. Blessings for a fabulous November. xoxo,Susie

  4. I'm done with Halloween now too!
    Although I adore your mantel display, I can see how the TV would make it difficult to decorate.
    But I also like TV's above fireplaces...
    (they are so hard to find the right spot for them!)

    I stopped out at my booth yesterday and rearranged what's left out there. Today I will work on pulling out my Winter/Xmas items from the basement and clean them up and ticket them for the booth.
    Onward to Christmas now! LOL!
    Yep, hopefully someday there will be nothing EXTRA in this house to drag out there!
    I'm going to try to get Dave Ramsey on one of the channels on my Roku and listen to him!
    Thank you for that suggestion!
    Hopefully I can spend the day learning as I work on booth projects!
    Thanks again!

  5. He really does look happier way up there with the chickens. I also like those scary black crows on the mantle. You know, I love the way you decorate anyway! Your home always looks beautiful. I wish we could do away with the TV completely, but then what would we look at night? Each other?

  6. Your scarecrow is adorable. I put most of my Halloween away. I'm not quite ready to pull out the Christmas stuff just yet but that could change tomorrow.

  7. That scarecrow is one cute fellow! And the mantel looks fabulous... love the addition of crows! We didn't have as many trick or treaters as usual. The weather was nice, but there are so many fall festivals now at churches and civic groups, that they go to them instead. Can't blame them... probably much safer and centrally located! :) Hope you have a great week! ~Rhonda

  8. Love your decorations! Thanks for visiting me. Sheila E

  9. Love your decorations. It's so much fun to put things out...but then you have to put them away...that's the part I hate. I missed the trick or treaters (and our grandsons) because I was out of town. we have plenty of candy left too....much to hubby's delight.

  10. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Your Scarecrow looks g r e a t both places, dear friend!!!
    I understand that your mantle and TV viewing are in conflict.
    We purchased an Entertainment Center when we moved here and I decorate the top as most do there mantels, but it is w a y t o h i g h!!!
    About those Trick OR Treaters. . .we had NONE.
    S a d.
    It's a different world we live in these days.

  11. I love the drama of your decoration. I hope you had a fun holiday.

  12. Yes, we have too much candy left over too. It's a very bad temptation. I love your scarecrow with the pumpkin head next to your fireplace.

  13. I love your decorations and I love Halloween, but like you, I was ready to take it down and move on or back to some fall decor!