Thursday, November 26, 2015

Graceland And Life's Graces

Years ago, on the way to our middle daughter's wedding in Illinois, Wild Bill, youngest daughter and I took a side trip to Graceland in Memphis. It was completely on a whim. One of those side trips you take in life that turns out to be just what you needed to do.

We stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel, right across the street from Graceland. Our room was right across the hall from the Burning Love Suite, a take off from the Elvis song. 

Here's our youngest daughter standing by the door... 
The next day we toured Graceland and saw The King's grave site.
What's this to do with Thanksgiving you may ask? Well, I'm thankful. Back when that picture was taken, youngest daughter had one rescued female pound dog and made it clear that was enough for her. No kids, no husband, no complications in her future. Her bossy mutt Bailey was enough for her.

But life's graces often are bestowed gradually. Youngest daughter volunteered at a no-kill shelter in her spare time. One day a sad sack of a scared mistreated terrier was sent to the shelter. It was love at first sight. Soon Wrigley joined the two single ladies and youngest daughter found herself with two dogs. Wrigley (on the right) was afraid of his own shadow, but over time, he became a love bug.
Sometimes you save dogs or maybe they save you. Who knows. But youngest daughter, little by little, grew a family. The single lady with one dog grew into a woman with two dogs, a husband with a cat, a daughter and a son, and often fosters litters of kittens for the local shelter. Quite a full house that we didn't see coming way back then.

When I look at my youngest daughter now, it's hard to remember how I worried at night about her back then. Life's graces are bestowed a little at a time. I guess all you can do is be thankful for them when they appear. 

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours and
thanks for dropping by!

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  1. Yet another beautifully experienced facet of "grace"! It just keeps unfolding, doesn't it????

  2. Ahh, what a beautiful post. What a kind beautiful daughter you have, and her family too. You've brought tears to my eyes. We do have so much to be thankful for. Hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Love this post! Such a beautiful example of Gods Grace working through us to shape us one day at a time into something we could never imagine. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Beautiful and lucky you! Life sure is good!

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Loved that you shared this story of your youngest daughter's life's graces with us!!!

  6. Oops! wrote a comment but it's disappeared.
    I'll try again!

    Your daughter is obviously a beautiful person inside and out.
    Just like her Mom!
    Love this post, you have a lovely family
    and I can understand why you are so thankful.
    Truly, so many sweet faces.

  7. I am hoping I have some grandchildren to show off one day!

  8. This was a touching post. I often think about what a full house I have compared to what I once envisioned for myself. Funny how life works out.

    1. Jaimee, I'm so glad you changed your mind and added all those wonderful people to the family. Life seems so bland when I think back to when there was only Bailey in your life.