Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Kinda Want A Do-Over

In yesterday's post, I showed a little shelf I donated to The Resale Barn, a local community-centered, charity thrift store.  I felt good about donating it since I didn't have a use for the shelf.

Well, I kinda want a do-over on that donation! This morning I happened on a darling Easter project on The Cultivated Nest's blog, and that little shelf I donated would've been perfect for this project.

Just look:

And, here's the shelf I donated. I don't have a picture of its final stage, but this was during its make-over:
And in its original state:
If I still had that little shelf
  •  I would cut off the two pieces that hang down at the bottom
  •  Add a board at the bottom (the same size as that top board) 
  •  Add one more shelf in the upper section
  •  Add a little bit of trim to thicken up the sides

Then I'd be ready to paint it a kicky color and fill it up with bunnies and such right in time for Easter.

But...I already donated that little shelf (insert sad face here) and I can only hope the person who buys it will see The Cultivated Nest's pretty Easter shelf and make it as pretty as that one. If you haven't read it, you can read my previous post HERE and The Cultivated Nest's post HERE.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Too bad that you gave that shelf away, it would have been perfect!!

  2. Isn't it amazing how just as soon as you get rid of something, you will find a use for it and wish you had kept it. Could you buy it back? Wouldn't that be something.

  3. dear fellow SPAM lover...:)
    i can't believe you gave up that adorable shelf....i buy every shelf/cabinet I can find...they are cute stuck in places to hold adorables....xo

    1. for those that may not have seen BJ's post, she's referring to the food "SPAM", not the aggravating mail.

  4. Oh haven't we all had those moments! The shelf is indeed adorable. The great thing about blogging is someone will post something else darling in no time to inspire you once more. :)

  5. Awww, hopefully you'll come across another one. So glad you like my Easter cabinet! I actually sold that cabinet a few years ago when we moved. But I really enjoyed decorating it for all the seasons and holidays!

  6. Darn! Maybe you will come across another one. This is what makes it so hard to de-clutter the minute it is gone you find a use for it.

  7. Oh..that is so frustrating! I've seen many little shelves similar to that at the Goodwill at times...maybe you can snag one! Best wishes for your Sunday.


  8. You know that's why we hang onto things, as sure as we get rid of something we find what we really wanted to do with it.

  9. Isn't that always the way? But look how happy you were to have cleared some emotional/physical space when you donated it. x

  10. You could go back to the place you donated it to and ask for it back! Ha! it back. I've done that before and had regrets too. That may explain why I have TOO much stuff down in my basement right now. I'm scared to part with it all!

  11. Oh dear, it would have been exactly right for the project. Won't they be surprised if you end up buying it?

  12. So neat to be able to make something as pretty as this. Hopefully its new owners will be as creative. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Donating is never a bad thing and perhaps you will find something just as useful on a future visit to a thrift store.

  14. You would not believe how many times that has happened to us. Oh well, something else will come along.