Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wally World Wednesday

Usually I'm not loyal to any store, but I do have a fondness for Walmart and his big brother store, Sam's Club. 

If I go into either of these stores (and Costco too for that matter) I always find wonderful stuff to buy...and, of course, that will leave me with too much month at the end of my paycheck!
Still needing four of these gray canvas bins for my closet organization project, I risked crashing my budget, as well as crashing my purging and organizing binge, by making a quick (Is there really such a thing?) trip to Walmart yesterday.
Yes...I did remember to buy the groceries I needed! But besides the gray bins, I found some cute Pioneer Woman things too. 
Like these tall, hard plastic straws that can be reused...
And, these large glass drinking jars with a cap and reusable straw...
Cute, huh? Wild Bill will use his glass for ice water. Me? I'm partial to ice tea with tons and tons of ice. This glass is large enough to hold all that ice and then some!
The last thing I happened upon was this Waverly package of two brushes, specially designed for working with chalk paint. The round brush on the left is a waxing brush and the smaller one on the right is a paint brush, which will come in handy with the pub table project I'm working on now.
That picture didn't look very artistic and sure doesn't show off these brushes.  Let me show you the brushes in a more artistic pose so you can get a better look...

When using chalk paint you can leave it as is, but clear wax can be applied to protect the paint finish. If you want to age the piece, on top of the clear wax you can add some dark wax to make it look aged. If you use both the clear and dark wax, you'll probably want a waxing brush for both colors to make sure the clear wax stays clear. 

Most of the chalk paint brands sell their own version of the round waxing brush, but as they say here in Texas, they are "High Dollar".  These two brushes in the Waverly package were less than $6 for both, while the chalk-paint-brand stores usually sell just one of the waxing brushes for $19 to $29. 

As always, just showing some things I purchased and not being paid to endorse any product or store. 

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. I need to pick up a couple of those brushes! Don't you LOVE the Pioneer Woman's stuff? I love how colorful and fun her pieces are and I like that she went with Walmart as a distributor because it makes the stuff affordable.

    Hope you have a great week-I love that you are so artistic in arranging your brushes. lol xo Diana

  2. Oh Di, Thank you so much for noticing the drama added by my artistic endeavor! Couldn't just let that sad package stand for those cute little brushes.

  3. We were in Wally earlier this week and it was so packed I couldn't shop quick enough, hate crowds. I've tried shopping Wally online, but my computer doesn't like them.

    1. Janet, avoid Walmart from the 31st of the month thru the 6th of the month. We also like to shop early morning since we're retired.

  4. Thank you for your interesting post.
    I have not used chalk paint YET!!!! However, I am itching to try. It seems that the cost for the paint is all over the place...just like the brushes you purchased. Any suggestions on what brand..esp. for a beginner who want to try a "tiny" wood tray?
    Thank you!

    1. Elaine, you can make your own chalk paint by adding Plaster of Paris, Calcium powder, and various other things. I've even used Baking Soda and it worked well. Goggle chalk paint recipes or go to Pinterest and do a search. There are many, many recipes. I buy a variety of brands too. My favorite is One-Step by Amy Howard, which is sold in some Ace Hardwares. My daughter and I painted her chandelier with One-Step in black and we did it while it was hanging from the ceiling. Good luck.

  5. I can NEVER go to Walmart and just get what I need to get. I wander through the store and pick up all kinds of things...although none of them are as good as your extra finds! Love those glasses and brushes and LOVE the dramatic background for the brush photo! :-) Love and hugs sweet friend!

  6. I've been looking at those Pioneer Woman things in Walmart too. I love the butter dishes. So far, haven't bought anything, yet. The darn grocery list is always too long, and I put off buying anything extra. There is always so much I want!

  7. Well idk if there is such a thing.. but walmart and a lot of stores trigger me to buy.. I try not to but always end up doing.. Happy Thursday with love Janice

  8. My favorite store is TJ Max but I was in Wal-Mart the other day to look at Pioneer Woman canisters. I did not buy a thing! I already have some of those mugs. Last summer we were going to an outdoor event in the heat of August. I filled my mug about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up with ice tea. I froze it. Then right before we left I filled the rest of it with tea. It didn't water down the tea and it stayed cold for a long time. I don't know if that's a "safe" thing to do, but I did it and it worked!