Friday, March 17, 2017

St Pat's Day And The Party Animals

Happy St Patrick's Day!  Joining Amy at Love Made My Home for one last Five-On-Friday before she signs off as host and turns the blog party over to the new hosts, Tricky and Carly of the FAST Blog. I hope you'll hop over to Amy's blog and join in the party with your own five. 

1. Back in 2010, our grandson Ben (born feb 17) was just one month old when his mom took this picture of him and his crazy hair on St Pat's Day:
Ben, 1 month, St Pat's Day 2010

Thankfully, Ben is 7 now and his hair has tamed down, and he no longer looks like a troll doll!

2. That same day, St Pat's Day 2010, my youngest sister Tori died unexpectedly. She may not look it, but I think (mentally) she was Irish through and through. She was always the life of the party. I like to think she would see the irony of losing her on St Patrick's Day.

3. Another party animal...Sweet Dee...gone at only 9 years of age. Middle Daughter's family lost her last July 17th. 
Dee and I spent a lot of time together when I visited her family. Together we waited patiently in 2010, and again 2013, for two grand babies to be born. 
Dee loved those babies with all her heart when they arrived! She could hardly bare to be two inches away from them as you can see in the picture below. I could not hold "her" babies without her direct supervision as you can see!  
Her loss hit me hard this year and like her mom, dad and siblings, I still miss her more than I can say. 
Dee Comforting A Sick Ben. 
Every Dog Needs Her Own Little Boy!

4.  Dee's nemesis was her "cousin" Bailey, another party animal. Both alpha females, Dee and Bailey could not even stand to be in the same room together. They were the sweetest dogs separately, but they seemed to hate each other fiercely. Luckily, they lived in different states.
Bailey And Her New "Mom" Soon After Her Adoption

Youngest Daughter said good-bye to her 16-year-old Bailey just a few months after Dee died. 
Bailey was also known as The B-Girl and Boots among other nicknames. Not sure why her mom ever started calling her Boots, but might have to do with the time, years ago, she backed her butt up over her mom's old boyfriend's shoes and dumped a "present" in his shoes. She certainly outlasted that boyfriend!

When Easter comes this year, we'll be missing Bailey as the Easter Bunny...

5. My last party animal today is Einstein. Oldest Daughter and family lost Einstein on Christmas Eve this past year. If you're counting, that was three dogs lost in the extended family in just 5 months!
Just one look at him and you know why he was named Einstein, right? 
 Einstein was a mama's boy. Einstein only had party eyes for his mother and followed her wherever she went.
When Oldest Daughter went on a vacation one time, she left Einstein with his vet's office in their Pet's Boarding section. Einstein would have none of it! He whined, cried, and made such a general nuisance of himself that he got kicked out after just one day. 

The house-setter had to go pick Einstein up and take him home where he moped around until his mom and family returned from their vacation. Then he smiled his sweet little smile and acted as if nothing had happened.

So Happy St Patrick's Day to you today. I hope your life is filled with party animals of your own. 

We're learning when you lose one of them, you think you will never find another. But, sometimes when you least expect it, another party animal will come along and fill a little piece of that big hole in your heart.
Lucy, Adopted This Year 

That's what happened to Bailey's mom! Bailey's old vet told her about a 5-year-old dachshund whose family had asked that the vet put her to sleep when told she needed an operation. 
The wonderful vet asked them to sign her over to him, and then he covered all the expenses of the surgery and recovery...and the vet knew just the family who needed her as much as she needed them.

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  1. A lot of love in your family. I'm sure that's what carries you through the loss of beloved pets.

  2. So many lovely photos... and so many losses. The last story is truly heart-warming.
    It's too late to wish you Happy St Patrick's Day, but I can wish you a happy and sunny weekend! :)

  3. My goodness....a true heart felt post. All the losses...yet your family remains strong and caring....that I love. Good luck to Lucy...she's adorable.

  4. Our beloved animal friends are so much a part of our families and we feel their loss dreadfully. Every cloud has a silver lining and your family now have Lucy, who looks adorable. Take care:)

  5. So many sad losses. Happy that you now have Lucy. xo Laura

  6. Oh my goodness, so much loss! It is devastating. I did laugh, however, when I read about the 'present' left in the boots. Now there's a definite statement made about that boyfriend! So glad there are still wonderful vets in the world who would do what that man did - and that you have another sweet fur friend to warm your heart. xo

  7. So St Patrick's Day brings you sadness and joy, one life gone and another begun on the same day. And our pets really do become members of our family, don't they? We have three cats, two rabbits and a hamster buried in our garden, all given "proper" funerals accompanied by tears. x

  8. Oh my goodness, Sugar, so many sad goodbyes - it breaks my heart! So very sorry about your sister - she certainly is a beauty. And all those sweet little pup-dogs - they just steal your heart. So wonderful about the vet saving the little doxie and now a sweet member of the family. I am working on encouraging my daughter to adopt another doxie after losing Peanut, but she needs some time.....Your little grandson is cute as can be. Love the baby picture with the hair. My daughter had hair like that, too! Ah - life can be hard sometimes when we lose our precious loved ones, but with faith in everlasting love we can move forward once again. Sending hugs and blessings and a thank-you for your dear condolences for our pup, Peanut. Hugs xo Karen

    1. Beatrice, hoping your daughter won't wait too long. I lost my precious mutt pound dog 25 years ago and waited so long that I have not had a dog since. But I loved all my grand dogs and am finally thinking of getting a doxie after daughter adopted Lucy and wouldn't let us steal her. She is so sweet and happy.

  9. Awww...what a heart-rending post. So sad to lose so many sweet pets in one year. I am so sorry that you lost your sister on St. Pat's Day. I, too, hope she is smiling in the Irish heaven on the other side-knowing you love her and smile when you think on her.

    We had a 'troll' baby, too---all calmed down now. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  10. This is such a sweet, but sad too, post. Your sister was very pretty. All those sweet dogs. So glad they found good homes. You have a good family.

  11. That was a rough five months. And you are right sometimes the pet finds you.

  12. My goodness what a post I laughed cried and laughed Ben is too cute at one month and now.. thats my sweetpea, we had a new grandbabie come to visit and she had to smell him before we could relax. Shes only seven, going to eight in june. Sweet party animals and so wonderful that the vet had such a good heart and saved lucy.. lovely happy sad post ... Happy Sunday dear with love Janice.

    1. Janice, I would love to have another little grand baby to smell myself! You're so lucky. Our youngest is three in June. All grown up. Miss rocking grandbabies so much, I'm thinking of volunteering at the NICU

  13. This day comes with a lot of memories for you, both happy and sad. I hope you enjoyed it.

  14. it seems St Patricks Day is wrought with emotion for you, I hope it was kind to you this year

  15. A lovely thoughtful post. I hope you enjoyed St Patricks day this year

  16. I love this heartfelt post...and hope your SP' Day was good.

  17. They're all so cute! I hate hearing that someone was willing to put a dog to sleep instead of the operation. But I'm sure it was a financial decision that caused that. So sad. So happy knowing someone stepped in and took care of him and gave him his life back! My dog is 12 and has some health problems. We are trying not to get too "burdened" by the extra cost and work needed to take care of him now. We know he probably only has a couple of years left at most.

  18. So sorry about all of your losses. I think it's terribly hard to lose a pet. I'm very sorry for the loss of your sister. What a bittersweet day that must have been for you in 2010. what an insightful and caring vet you have. I've yet to find one around here. I hope spring brings you joy!

  19. All of those loses in 5 months?! That's just heart wrenching, Sugar. I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to you.

    I'm so glad Lucy was saved. I'll never understand people that could put a dog down like that.