Friday, April 14, 2017

Five On Friday

Linking up with Five-On-Friday, which is now being hosted by the F.A.S.T. blog.  Amy is taking a much needed break from hosting the blog party, but you can still find Amy at her blog, Love Made My Home.
My Five-On-Friday this week is 5 minutes of gushing about the vendors at a local shopping venue I went to last weekend. 

Most of the vendors were semi-local, coming from northern Texas and lower Oklahoma. I'm hoping to run into them again soon for another "shopping opportunity" when I have a few more $$ to spend!
ONE: The animals painted on the old door was one of the many delightful creations of this talented vendor. I snapped her Facebook details in case you want to see more of her work. 
She does a wonderful job of recreating dogs in art form for their owners. I actually cried over her canine pictures remembering all three beloved dogs our extended family lost in quick succession in July,  August, and December last fall. 
TWO: How is this for adorable? The rabbit above was beautifully hand-painted on old weathered boards. I really NEED one of those! 
So many other things I drooled over too. Can you blame me?
This cow (minus the wreath) did come home with me, and that table she's standing on probably still has my fingerprints all over it. It was a perfect size. I've been looking for a narrow table, but was low on $$ at the time.

THREE: Loved the large, single-letter monograms for the door or wall. We don't see them here in Texas much. I was sorry I had already spent all my allotted money before I saw these. When we were road-tripping in the Huntsville Alabama area last year they were on all the front doors and I really wanted one. 
FOUR: I admit I have eclectic taste in home decor. Here is something that was calling my name too...very loudly.
 The colors on that Mohawk Whiskey sign were perfectly aged and I loved the rustic frame. If I ever see it for sale again, it's mine for sure!
FIVE: I saved the best for last. This vendor was a very sweet Texas gal with lots of lovely signs framed in aged wood. 
While there were others selling similar signs, hers were brighter, crisper, and better styled. She does custom requests too, but when I tried to find her on Goggle I was lost in a sea of Vintage Chics in Texas.
I have a lot of business cards from that excursion. Sadly they got a little mixed up in the excitement. When I figure out the name and contact info for these shops, I'll do a quick post.  

Happy Friday...Hope you'll join the Five-On-Friday party at the F.A.S.T. blog.

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  1. Beautiful and realistic artwork! What a great shop! Have a happy Easter!

  2. Love the animal paintings, I'm envious of your cow.

  3. Ok so I WANT that Mohawk sign. My husband has an Indian motorcycle and he has a very small collection of Indian type stuff in his garage but I think he would love that. You should have that sign girl make you a sign that says YOLO! We started saying that after a very, very dear friend, who was my sisters father-in-law passed away very unexpectedly last October. He was staying at his sons house in Colorado and going elk hunting the next day. He lived life to the fullest. I do the same thing with cards that I pick up at fleamarket's and shows and stuff so what I started doing the last time is writing on the back of the card what they sell or do. Happy Easter!


    Ps. I have not done my five for Friday yet but I will. I've been getting ready for Easter and I'm tired.

    1. Cindy, this is great advice. Writing on the back of the card would really make it simpler to track back! Happy Easter.

  4. I love the rabbit painting on the panel too ! Lovely animal paintings !

  5. The bunny was may favourite, and so appropriate for this time of year.

  6. I like the animal paintings particularly the ones on old timber. The bunny is so cute and perfect for this time of year. Happy Easter.

  7. My favorite is the bunny painted on the old boards. Fantastic!!

  8. I am so glad that cow came home to live with you and maybe the table one day too!

  9. Shopping with you is fun! I'm glad you took home the cow. Before I knew he had a home, I thought -- "I want the cow"!!!! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Oh my, how ever did you hold back. LOVE the rabbit. and the cows... Happy Easter.

  11. Hello, friend,
    I enjoyed shopping with you. Do you see me smiling to the cow you took home? Looks like he knows his best place!!So cute.Have a good weekend.

  12. I think appreciation of animals through art is always marvelous :)

    Thanks for joining in this week with Five on Friday, hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend :)