Friday, May 19, 2017

The 3 Seasons Of Decorating

I've decided to acknowledge what everybody knows:  There are only 3 seasons as far as decorating goes...
The 3 seasons are: Fall, Christmas, and Flag Season
Yep, that's right! Now that all my Christmas lights (yes it's true, please don't judge me too quickly) are finally down, I can break out all my little flags and stick them in the faux floral decorations and... 
I can leave them there through Memorial Day and all the way through the 4th of July! Then, as far as I'm concerned, mid-July comes and it's time to decorate for fall again.

I was looking for ideas of how I decorated the house in years past and found these pictures in my file. This year though, I'm truly going to do something different on that chalkboard. After all, Happy 4th is getting old!
I bought this book a good while back to learn how to create good chalkboard art. 

It has a lot of good ideas and suggestions, such as using painters tape to keep your writing straight. I set the book in the kitchen to try to get some pictures and, as you can see, the kitchen chicken was quite taken with the wild side of the art!

I'm joining the party over at Mrs. Olson's Share Your Cup and at Under A Texas Sky's Friday Favorites Link Party  Hope to see you there.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. That's fun--and pretty much true---as far as the three seasons go. That is a great idea about using the painter's tape. Now why didn't I think of that?!
    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  2. I think I agree with you. I do love spring decorating too though. That book catches my eye regularly. So do you consider it worth buying?

    1. Yes, even though I have not used it to do the lettering and art. I sent copies to two of my daughters who have chalkboards when I bought mine from Amazon. Someday I will try to do their lettering...someday!

  3. LOL; I 99% agree with you. I do decorate for Easter (I have some pretty vintage items) on my hutch, dining table, coffee table and TV stand. Takes me less than an hour to set up / take down so I do fall, which I do in August, I do Xmas, Easter, then in early May I do the red/white/blue/flags for the summer.

  4. You're very talented with those flags! Keep 'em flying!

  5. Fall, Christmas, and Flag . . . I like that :)

  6. I use flags and flag pillows all year long...:)

  7. I like your 3 seasons. Interestingly we have a flag season in France but not in Australia. However, I'm definitely a summer, winter, autumn, spring, Christmas and Easter season girl, regardless of where I reside.

  8. I like your 3 seasons too!!I will be decorating for the Patriotic summer holidays soon.Thanks so much for the tip about the book. I used to be involved in a lot of different events so that is why I held on t so many things but now that I am no longer invlved in those events, I was able to get rid of a lot of things like dishes and linens....

  9. I've heard that book is very good. I'm trying to reduce my library so... maybe I'll just look at the book store.

  10. I love your summer Americana décor! I am getting anxious to pull mine out. Thinking I may have time towards the end of the week. Out to the garden to plant today. Thanks for sharing with SYC.