Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Einstein And The Rest Of Us

What do Albert Einstein, my mother-in-law, my oldest son-in-law and I have in common?  We were all born on March 14th! 
YAY For Us!!!

I don't usually like to celebrate my birthday, but this year I am. Something about getting a year past 66 makes me realize I may not have many more opportunities to celebrate! Unless I take after my mother-in-law...she's 91 today and seems to be going strong.

Do you think people who have the same birthday are alike? I do. 

My sister was born on Walt Disney's birthday and works at her dream job...at Disney World in Florida. She and her husband moved from Texas to Orlando about 5 years ago, in their late 40's, just so she could be near Disney World. A couple of years ago, she decided to go to work for Disney and, even now, she still goes to the magical kingdom to play on her days off! 

My middle daughter was born on Mother Teresa's birthday. And yes, she puts other people first and gives and gives...sometimes too much. 

The three of us born today on Einstein's birthday are not geniuses by any stretch of the imagination, but I would say we are all three in our heads most of the time. Think and rethink...again, sometimes too much.
So, Happy Birthday To Einstein And Us! And to you too if you share our birthday today. And as Walt would say...Have A Magical Day.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Happy Birthday Sugar. You are right, every year past 66 is a treasure. Have a great birthday day.

  2. Happy Birthday Sugar, and you should be celebrating those birthday for sure. Hey, we
    try and make it a week long thing at our house...cause you only get one birthday a year, so you need to milk it for all it's worth...lol

    Hope your birthday is really special this year in every way possible.........

    Blessings, Nellie
    and thanks for coming by and leaving a sweet

  3. Happy Birthday. I've just come from another blog that was celebrating her birthday today too.

  4. Happy Birthday. My father's birthday is today as well; he is 89 years old today. So happy birthday all you Pisces!!!

  5. Happy birthday! I was born on the day Elvis died. Sheesh.

  6. Why, Happy Birthday! How special to share a birthday with such prestigious people!