Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lots Of Projects

We've got lots of projects going on around the house, but we put them on hold for visitors last week. I have to take pictures with my cell phone camera because I can't find my real camera. I put my camera someplace for safe-keeping when this little 4-year-old ruffian was visiting, and now I can't remember where I put it.
Little Livvie is pretty good with electronics as you can see. Too bad I didn't show her where I was putting my camera...she remembers EVERYTHING.
We have six grandchildren in all. These two were here with their parents while on Spring break. The weather was a little iffy most of the time so, when we needed a break, we spent time at the inside play areas of two McDonald's in town. One play area has tunnels that go up three levels and the other has a variety of slides and bars to climb. We tried the play area at Chick-Fil-A, but the kids vetoed it after that one time.
We tried keeping them busy with activities. I found myself wishing we had picked a small bead set instead of this huge one. I was sure there would be beads everywhere, but thankfully that didn't happen. 

Here's Ben with his first necklace masterpiece...
SuperGirl couldn't be bothered to model her necklace. She was too busy with snacks.
The carnival was in town while they were here. That took up two afternoons! Mom and Dad took them up in the Ferris wheel many times while Wild Bill (AKA Grampy) and I "guarded" the ground below. I do not do rides of any kind, especially ones that go up high up like this.
As you can imagine, it took us a few days to get back to normal after they left, then I started getting things done. 

I've been re-painting and waxing some furniture, a clock and a lampshade, plus packing up lots of knick-knacks and books to get them out of the way while a cabinet is being built that will separate our entrance hallway from the dining room and give us some much needed storage. 

The cabinet will be built into this archway between the dining room and hallway.
I had to darken my pictures a little to show detail due to the sun shining in the door. The walls are actually a pale yellowish beige, but I really like how the walls look brown here so it appears more paint samples are in my future!  I'll be back soon with some better pictures just as soon as I find my camera.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. They are soooo cute!!! I hope you had a great visit. We are doing projects also...and I'm so thankful that I'm not the only one who puts things away and then forgets where I put them! :-) Love and hugs to you!!

  2. It sounds as though you have had a very busy time! Hope you can relax and have some time to remember where you tucked your camera away!

  3. I don't do rides either, our daughter loves roller coasters, but having done one once in my youth I swore never to do one again. Love the archway.

  4. Wow! Just having little kids staying at my house for a few days would be "wild ride" enough for me! Whew! But I rarely go on rides, and definitely not wild ones.

  5. LOL- They're here, They're here, we laugh and cheer. They're gone, They're gone-and now we're 'done'. lol Been there/done that many, many, many times. lol It does take a least a day or two to come down, doesn't it? Looks like you had lots of activities and fun! xo diana

  6. They are so cute. I hope you had fun with them. I can't wait to see that cabinet.

  7. hahhaa...the story of all em coming and love em leaving....we know why God gave us children when we were young....

  8. As they say its wonderful to have grand children but nice to be able to return them.. hehe thank goodness the beads didn't go every wheres.. they are cute I have calm ones and really busy ones.. I have 15 all together. You have indeed been busy. Happy weekend with love Janice

  9. The only time that I sleep well in a different bed from my own is when I'm visiting my grandchildren . . . they have a way of wearing me out. I guess that's why we have them when we are young, LOL. I love them to the bone, but youngest have energy galore . . . much more than grandmas :)

  10. Cute little grandchildren you have, they look like they have so much energy, I guess we would worry if they didn't. Making memories with them is so sweet. Love ferris wheels myself but my husband likes NO rides.
    I will have to get some beads and do that with the girls. Great idea and thank you for it.
    I watch mine just about every other day. They do wear me out as they help me to stay active. I get nothing done during the week, way too tired.