Monday, July 24, 2017

Faded Roses Preserved Forever

These roses were alive at one time, but have been preserved somehow...How? I have no idea!
I don't have a clue how they preserved them, but I do love them. They come in handy when I need something to pretty up a random space.

There's only one place nearby that sells the roses. Every time I visit the little town of McKinney Texas, I try to stop by a shop called My Favorite Room and buy one or two of the roses. 

 The excuse to stop by the shop gives me a chance to look around and take in all the inspiration there! Everything is painted in creamy shades or gray or white. I love it all!
My Favorite Room carries a large collection of antique and vintage cupboards and chandeliers, and also a lot of upscale furnishings.

All the antiques and vintage pieces are way out of my budget, but I love to soak in the sight of the old furniture pieces inside the store -- and the wonderful plants blooming outside!

Here's a few more of the roses (from My Favorite Room) sprinkled around the cabinet in the breakfast room. 

This one lives in an old glass creamer passed down from Wild Bill's family...
Here's one sharing a gravy boat with a mini faux pumpkin. The little pumpkins are one of my obsessions too!
I'll leave you with this last picture of one of the roses. This one sits in a bird's nest in the kitchen on top of the cup rack. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Good photographs make a good post and you've got to admit they are top notch.

  2. They really ARE beautiful - hard to believe they are real...

  3. That shop looks like my kind of place, and I love those roses! What a sweet addition to a small space in a vignette.

  4. Beautiful roses, the perfect addition to any room.

  5. Those roses are fantastic. They preserve them with silica gel. It is quite a process-roses cannot have ANY moisture in them and they are covered with silica gel, put into a sealed, taped shut container for at least 2 weeks. Roses have to be 'perfect' to preserve properly. They last for years and years though.

    What a great looking shop! I would love to visit that just for the fun of walking through the place. xo Diana

  6. Your visits to these stores - all I can say is WOW. I love to look, but at this stage of my life I need nothing but good wishes.

    The roses are beautiful. I never have good luck in trying to dry them..Thanks so much for showing us those beautiful roses.

    Have a great rest of the week.


  7. I like those blue and white dishes that some of the roses are in.

  8. Oh that looks like a store I would love! Those roses are beautiful. I can't believe they're not fresh from the garden!

  9. Beautiful roses and a fun spot to visit.