Friday, February 18, 2011

Ben's Thoughts On Turning One Yesterday

I've made it through the first year with these crazy people I've been told are my parents. I've heard you pick the family you want to join before you're born. If that's the case, then man what was I thinking?

The one they say is my Mother gave me this crazy hair. She cries when she has to leave me.

She dresses me up in crazy animal get ups and parades me around for people to see. I had to pull my sock off so people could see my foot and know it was me. I didn't really want to scare them, ya know?

The one they call my Father is kinda fun. He carries me around a lot, even when he does the "manly" housework as he calls it.

It must really be "men's work" because my dog Dee runs and she hides upstairs every time my father and I do the vacuum chores.

Here's a picture of the time I had to drive the tractor. For some reason neither of them seemed to be able to do it. I was a little afraid at first, but I got the hang of it quickly. I even forgot about the goofy hat they put on my head.

I was born with these blue eyes and I guess I'll keep them for a while. The ladies seem to like them, which has worked out well for me so far.

I got lots of stuff for my first birthday, but my favorite toy is still this go-cart my Dad had specially made for me. If I can just keep my Mom from trying to steal it, life would be good.


  1. Absolutely adorable!! The photos are precious!

  2. Love it... He is the cutest little boy. I love, love his hair!! and the blue eyes...

    Ps.. if he decided he ever wants to run away from home let me know, I will send him my address. lol

  3. What a cute wrap-up of his first year.

    Side note on the eyes . . . Lily's changed color (from blue to green) at about 20 months.

  4. Just loved Ben's thoughts. I hope he had a wonderful birthday with lots of presents. Ben is adorable! Love the first Rod Stewart.

  5. Hi, glad to meet you. what a lovely family! i found you thru:
    and i am your newest follower. hope you could check the blog some time, we have 2 giveaways going on in our blog!

  6. Too cute Mom. Thanks! Ben did get saddled with some crazy parents but at least it is never dull. :-)