Friday, February 25, 2011

Stealing Garden Ideas

Last time I was out in California, I took these pictures at one of the restaurants in the chain called The Black Bear. Now that we've purchased a new house, I'm looking at my 'ideas' file to see what we can do with the back yard. The builder has already put in expanses of lawn, but we plan to take the grass out, a section at a time, and replace it with flower and vegetable beds.

I like the way they weaved the rocks in among the plants. I think I'd add a little more gravel, but the mosaic of rocks is really cute.

It was late Fall when I took these. I think it must look really pretty in Summer when the flowers are growing in full force.

Having a bench nestled in made a nice shady place to sit and hear the water trickling down. I am jealous of this low maintenance look and hope we can replicate it. It's rainy here in Texas today, so dreaming of sunshine and green plants is enough to perk me up.


  1. I like the ideas with the rock. Very pretty!
    Snow here.

  2. I am anxious to get gardening, I am tired of winter. I am trying to share a lot of my plants and cut back on my maintenence-it gets to be too much sometime. The rocks seem like a good low maintenence idea.

  3. I love this look too - sort of reminds me of a dry creak bed. Which comes in handy if you have drainage issues---which we happen to have! Boo. Hope you share pictures of your garden when you re-create this look!