Sunday, July 3, 2011

Don't Fence Me In

I love old fences and the creativity it took for the builders to make them. Around Texas this type of fence was real popular. Apparently, the early settlers would cut down the cedar trees that grow wild, and put a hole in one then use the others to make the rails. Pretty simple and pretty rustic, but doesn't look like it held much out.

I love this fence made of old bikes. The bikes don't add much to the fence, except to make it unusual.

I have to wonder...did the bikers get tired and just leave their bikes by the wayside? Is that what started the tradition of adding the bikes to the fence?

These old bikes are just laying around at the Donut Shop in the same town. I wonder if they are planning to add them to the fence?

I think I'll ask if he's willing to sell one of these. They make really cute planters with a basket full of flowers on the front and ivy growing over the spokes.

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  1. I love the cedar fence. Wow, the bicycle fence is so unusual-I am like you I wonder who thought of that!