Thursday, July 7, 2011

Watch What You Say

The "unusual" glass of tea above resulted from my asking 2-year-old Lily if she wanted to put sugar in Gammy's tea for me. I had forgotten how literal a 2 year old can be!

So, after her mother and I had a good laugh, I tried a different approach and made myself a little clearer. I showed Lily how to shake down the sugar packet and pour the contents in the tea. She took the job very serious:

Getting the sugar to the bottom of the packet with precise detail. Then, tearing it open so as not to spill a speck of sugar.

It tasted so much better without the paper wrapper still attached!


  1. The new set of instructions we're working on is that after you get out a rag and use it to wipe up your mess, the rag does not go back in the bin with the other clean rags.

  2. So Cute! My boy was very literal too. His pant legs were sitting atop his cowboy boots and I said pull your pants down over your boots. He did! He was little and it was hilarious! Lily is very precious.

  3. This is too cute! Art Linkletter had the right idea didn't he?

  4. Aaaawwww, SO cute!! Isn't grandparenting just the BEST!?