Sunday, July 24, 2011

Fireplace Re-Do...Or Not

This is the fireplace surround that came with our house. I'm not crazy about it and the builder promised to find another (more country french type) surround and replace this one for a low sum of money. I've yet to hear from him, so I'm thinking I'm stuck with it.

This is the view of it across the room. I took this before we moved in...or should I say moved our boxes in. We haven't really settled in the house yet, even though it's been 5 months. We have a couch and chair, and a bed in the master and a bed in one of the guest rooms. And, uh, boxes of stuff all over the place. When we're there, I call it "camping in".

So, back to the fireplace surround. I'm thinking of adding a top to the fireplace that would go up the wall above the surround. I'm also thinking of painting the fireplace. Anyone out there have some ideas for me? The cable outlet and plug in are built into the wall above the fireplace and a flat screen will be up there some day soon.

So...what's your idea for me? Paint it white and make it "pop" like all the designer/decorators like to say? Our make it look like an aged stone piece? It's a cement replica I believe and I'm willing to try a few things. It's only paint, and the more layers the better, right? Leave me a comment on what you would do...that pinky color just doesn't work for me.


  1. Hmmm, I think white would work. So would a faux stone treatment. What color scheme are you planning for the room?

  2. I would phone the builder first. It is very ornate and pretty I think. I am the last to ask for fashion advice ;-)

  3. Rosemary: color will be brown or grey. I'd like to paint all the trim white instad of the cream it is, but might be more than I can do myself as the ceilings are so high.

    Nancy: You might have a good idea there on contacting the builder. No matter how I paint it, I just don't like the "greek" looking urns and stuff on it and probably still won't after painting.

  4. Ya well there ya
    You best remind that builder of what he said.
    If you need me, I'll round up the wagons!

  5. Wow, I'm not a decorator, but I like it. It looks like you have a gorgeous house, I would be so afraid to paint it