Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fences I Really Admire

When we were looking for a new house last winter, we kept going back to this neighborhood in Prosper Texas just so I could look at this lovely driveway with its Austin stone fence and iron gate.

Here's a look at it from a distance. Isn't it lovely?

We did so many drive-bys, I'm sure they thought we were casing the place! To say I love this driveway is an understatement.

Even though our builder put in a great 6 foot wood fence around the house we eventually bought, Wild Bill and I have a "some day" list that includes putting up a rock fence like the one above.

This iron fence is pretty too:

The iron fence is "high-dollar" (which is Texas speak for expensive), but looks ineffective next door to the rock fence.

I love this front yard...a great way to cut down on lawn and still get a lovely garden feel. I'm reading up on how to covert your lawn to flower beds the easy and cheap way.

It's so hot in Texas this year, reading up on it is all I'm able to do. Have to wait until Fall for the weather to get cool enough to spend much time outdoors.

In the mean time, I'm planning out how we can get rid of the grass (and the mowing and watering it entails) by putting together an idea board that includes patios and flower beds like the ones in this post.

On the top of the list is a new patio for the front yard just like this one:


  1. Wow, you have some pretty good ideas, hope when you accomplish your goals you share them with us.
    Have a wonderful day, enjoying some cool weather for you (well almost we will hit 89 this weekend)
    XXX Ido

  2. Now I always thought Texans didn't want to be fenced in. There's ah song about that. Nice photos.

  3. I love looking at fences and yards too, and there is a small part of me that misses walking past such beautiful homes!