Monday, July 4, 2011

No One Thrown Off This Island

Eight miles out of town is a huge body of water named Lake Texoma (Texas and Oklahoma border this lake) where you can dock your boat at this dock (among others) and enjoy a brief respite from the Texas sun.

Since we don't have a boat, we took the car out to the lake and headed toward The Island. Some of us were impatient for the older ones to catch up...

The Island bar and grill is a welcome sight. We got there at 11:00 am when they opened.

Looked like we were not going to have to share the space with anyone, but this soon changed as the fisherman and the fishing guides came back from their early morning fishing trips and had the same idea we had --- get out of that sun!

We had a variety of appetizers and veggies, plus a fruit plate hit the spot with Lily.

We sat at the edge of the patio. The breeze kept us nice and cool, and Lily enjoyed feeding the fish, turtles and ducks that gathered below when they determined the place was open and there were tourists to throw food for them.

Here's a view from our table. This quiet was quickly broken when it hit noon and the fishing boats started returning. The place filled completely up and we decided we had occupied our table long enough.

We drove all the way across the lake road and when we came to the end, we had this lovely view of the lake. I really hated to leave, but nap time was near and we all needed one.


  1. Hi....your pictures are wonderful. They just say summer.

    Barb ♥

  2. I have visited Lake Texoma twice and really enjoyed it. I am glad you had a nice time. I had to laugh about all of you needing nap time, sometime I feel I need it more than my youngest!:)

  3. I love to see photos of places I have never been and have enjoyed seeing and reading about your visit to Lake Texoma. It does look hot. I think it had traveled east as it is going to be 98+ tomorrow in the Phila area.

    My best- Diane