Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Almost Gone

When does Christmas end for you? Does New Year's Day signal an end of the Holiday Season? Is that when you take down your decorations?

It's so hard to let go! I try to push it as long as I can.

We used more green and red in our house this year. It's grown on me, and I'm thinking of keeping red and green around a little while longer -- even after the Christmas tree is long gone!

This little bush from Trader Joe's is somewhat brighter than we usually see at Christmas time. It has a nice lemon scent to it too. 

I wish I had bought a few more of them as they were inexpensive, brighten up the spirits, and seem to last well indoors before they are set outside.

Here's my find this week. Four faux ironstone salad plates with scalloped edges that I found at a Vintage Mall the other day for just $3 a piece. 

For now they're mixed in with these little holiday plates that have barely survived over the last 15 years. There were 8 at one time, but now there's only 3 left. I'm a "saver of things" after all so I'll hold them close right up until the very last one breaks. 

We're calling these decorator cookies. Don't they look so good under the cloche? Who wouldn't love peanut butter chocolate chip?

That's what I thought the other day when I whipped them up real quick, but they turned out so dry I quit baking them after the first batch. No one will eat them past the first little nibble, so for now they're just for looks. 

We've got a family debate going on how to use them...One daughter suggested adding melted butter to them all crunched up to make a crust for cheesecake. 

I secretly chuckled! If I can't make a silly little cookie that's edible, how would I ever make a decent cheesecake?

Since it's really amazing how these cookies can look good, but be so bad, I'm taking these AMAZING cookies over to Dwellings-The Heart Of Your Home for the Amaze Me Monday party. Hope you'll join me HERE.

Thanks for dropping by!

See you next year...


  1. I love the colors of Christmas, but I'm seriously ready for the tree to go.

  2. Mine stay up until at least Jan 6 for Epiphany, but usually Jan 10 which is my birthday. I'm in no hurry because we always decorate late. There is just hubby and me and we enjoy everything. Happy New Year!

  3. I kind of like it when things get back to normal. My tree has been down for a couple of days already.

  4. I am ready this year to pack things away. It has been crazy here and a great bit of my stuff is packed away in a warehouse. So--I did the bare minimum here. I did decorate my son/dil's house so will probably take that down this next week. I used all my stuff as their stuff is stored in a warehouse, too.

    Blessings and Happy New Year to you, Sugar- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, looking forward to seeing where you end up!

  5. I usually take them down the week after New Years's day. I long for the calm a smaller home everything has to be moved to make room for a tree etc. I love winter for knitting, sewing and quilting. Its my time to recharge. I wish I picked up a few of those tree too!

  6. I took down all my decorations today. My house seems so clean now! LOL. I'm cleaning and getting ready for a cozy winter over at Homeroad. Happy New Year!!

  7. I will be taking my decorations down on Wed. I really hate to take them down, but it's time to get the house back in order. I hate to think of the work involved.

    Try having the cookies with a cup of coffee - dunk them - should taste good then.

    Happy New Year.


  8. Why not keep the decorations going a bit longer when they are as nice as yours? Happy New Year.

  9. Mine stay up until 12th night/Jan 6th. I must admit because I was late putting them up this year I am in no great rush to take them down. Best wishes for 2018.