Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Favorite Photos And Thoughts As The Year Ends

Wild Bill and I eloped 20 years ago in our 40's. We had a very small ceremony at a place called The Hitching Post

Someone snapped a Polaroid of us right after the Texan and I were "Hitched"...

Wild Bill's hair is not so dark anymore, neither is mine if I'm honest!

Last October, as we were leaving our middle daughter's house with two of our six grandkids for a ride in the countryside, I snapped this photo of a little older Wild Bill with the grandkids on the way out the door.

Our youngest granddaughter loaded her Grampy down like a pack mule! I love the dainty way he carried her baby doll and purse for her.

When it comes to choosing a Christmas present for each of the grandkids, I always step aside and let Wild Bill make the decisions. 

It seems he always knows just which ones to pick...

Littlest Grandson, Christmas 2017

He may not be their Grampy by blood, but he is their Grampy by heart.

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  1. That is such a cute photo of them all! Be grateful Grampy still has hair!

    1. You cracked me up LL. But his father has a full head of silver hair and he's almost 95 years old so no worries.

  2. I love this, and "by heart" means everything! He looks like the perfect grandpa! That's such a good picture of you two! Happy New Year!!

  3. Such happiness!Your husband is darling!Happy New Year!

  4. Aw, cute post. We all love Grampy!

  5. Love the picture of him carrying the baby carrier. He's good at presents because he's still young at heart.

  6. Grandson sure looks like he loves his present. : )

  7. Aw! Love this post! Lucky little ones to have such a sweet Grampy. xx