Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

I've been decorating lately and even made a run down to Canton Texas for the December "First Monday" Trade Days, which was held last Thursday through Sunday. 

I bought these a few of these little pine cones after falling head over heels for them at LaurieAnna's shop. 

Yesterday, I pulled out a box of Faux Snow bought at Pottery Barn's After-Christmas-Sale last year, some vintage ornaments, and a vintage glass milk jug and spent more hours than I care to admit trying to create a "Christmas Moment" in the milk jug with the little pine cones.

I was really loving that Faux Snow...and getting a little carried away with it...Thankfully Wild Bill brought me to my senses by asking "why?" just before I scattered the Faux Snow all over the top of the cabinet!

You can get some better decorating ideas today as this is the first day of the Cozy At Christmas holiday home blog tour. Hope you'll be able to visit today's homes on display.

I've already stopped by Let's Add Sprinkles to see what ideas I could use to inspire my decorating. 

Her front door was a really pretty sight, but my favorite was this dresser and mirror all prettied up for the season. I like a more minimalist approach like this...I just can't seem to pull it off!

Next up was a visit to Decor To Adore who features her very calm and lovely Christmas bedroom. As usual, when I visit her blog I always get stuck on photos of her charming dogs! 

Little Gracie's picture this year does not disappoint...

A stop at The B Farm reminded me of just how cozy a Christmas tree can make a home. I love her tree surrounded by pictures of snowy winter scenes!

To round out Monday's tour of four featured blogs, a visit to County Road 407 will bring a smile to your face when you see her Cocoa Bar!

The candy canes on her cocoa bar brought back sweet memories of when our three girls were small and candy canes were my go-to Christmas tree decorations! I think I'm going to go buy some today.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Enjoyed looking at all the pretty pictures of Christmas. I haven't done a thing yet.

    1. You walk 6 miles every day and volunteer at your church so often, in addition to building a new home...I don't know how you would find time to bother decorating! I know your schedule would put me down quick!

  2. All I've manage to get out so far for Christmas are 2 advent calendars and a Father Christmas that I have to say looks a bit creepy.

    I often decorate my parcels with pine cones, I spray them different colours depending on the colour scheme.

  3. I didn't make it to Canton this time. We had company and then I ended up sick. I've been wanting to make a snow scene in a jar...oh well. Next time maybe. Thanks for the lovely shout out. Can't wait for the rest of the tour!

  4. So pretty! I'm way behind, we managed to get a tree and bring it home today and that's it.

    1. Janet, I have to admit I put up a tree with lights a week ago, but it only has 2 ornaments on it. Kind of a Charlie Brown area there!

  5. LOL about getting carried away with the faux snow!!! Love your sweet jar scene though--you did a good job with the snow there.

    It kind of reminds me of the year I used that window 'waxy' crap to put snowflakes and stenciled things on all the windows. It was a drafty old house ad the windows would frost over on the inside. What a MESS to get that stuff off the windows--involving much scraping and rubbing! lol

    Hope you have a really great week. xo Diana

  6. Thanks for the shout out. I'm glad you're having fun with snow even if it's faux.

  7. I love your Christmas memory jar! I wish I had time to consider doing something. I have nothing ready for Christmas.

  8. Everything looks great. So you had to stop putting the snow down. LOL

    Great job.