Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday, Last Day Of Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour!

Hey There!  Today we finally get to see the last homes on the Cozy At Christmas blog tour.

I will miss seeing all the Texas houses after the tour is over. Not all the participants were Texans this year, but there were quite a few!

It's fun to have a lot of Texas Gals watching. All I have to do is post a picture of some really cute Christmas pillows or seasonal dishes and one of the Texans will say, "... have you been shopping at Weir's Furniture again?"

Only a Texan would know about The Country Store section at this local chain of furniture stores.

I took all these pictures at the Country Store section of Weir's just so I could share all their cute stuff with you. 

I don't receive any compensation for sharing the Weir's stores with you. I just thought you might like to know about them because their prices are really reasonable and they do sell online!

I'm not a native Texan, but I was smart enough to marry one! 

We've lived in Texas for over 12 years now and, seriously, probably half my furniture and seasonal decor was purchased at Weir's.

As the saying goes...I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could!

When I was shopping here the other day, not only was I smitten with the plaid pillow, but this one with jingle bells had me at HELLO too! 

The only reason I chose the plaid pillow instead of this one is because I was looking for plaid things.  Also, I kinda thought this one could be made at home anyway.

See you tomorrow if you can make it! There's more blogs to visit and Christmas decorations to use for inspiration in your own decorating.

Friday -- Day 5

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  1. That looks like a great store! It reminds me of one similar here called Parsons.

  2. Hmmmm, maybe I need to visit Texas sometie soon just to see that store! Love the pillows!

  3. I am so glad that you reminded me about Weirs! I actually forgot about their great selection of décor! This was fun. Texas is indeed a great state and a nifty one to call home!

  4. Oh my goodness! That store is wonderful. Never been there, but it looks wonderful in your pictures. I lived in Texas for a oldest daughter was born there. I've always wanted to go back.

  5. Ok, I'm a native Texan and have never heard of Weir's! I can see I've missed out. Looking them up and hoping there's one not too far away ( I like to browse in person!) Thanks for the info. I have loved the tour.

    1. Cecilia, I think there's 3 or 4 locations. We've shopped there since 2005. Their prices are great. If I took away all my Weir's furniture, I would have only one old recliner in my living room.

  6. Fun store indeed! I love browsing through places like this and rarely go home empty handed. :)

  7. Wish we had one of those here! I would love this store! xo Karen