Friday, March 2, 2018

Tea Time And The $5 Bouquet

It's been cold and rainy in NE Texas this week, perfect weather for a cup of tea and some flowers to brighten the kitchen. 

I'm usually not a purple person, but the granddaughters are coming and they both love purple just like most little girls do.

The flowers weren't meant for the kitchen, but when I went to make a cup of my favorite English Breakfast tea, the room was kind of dreary due to the overcast weather. 

And it seemed I may have made the kitchen a little bland in my effort to tone down the yellowish brown cabinets. 

All the brown, black and white of the kitchen seemed to need a pick-me-up. 

It was then I remembered my $5 worth of flowers I'd just bought in bright cheerful colors of purple and yellow.

The pig seems happy with his cheerful bouquet. He didn't seem to care that they came from The Dollar Store and were only a dollar a piece for each bunch.

I'm trying to think of something witty for the chalkboard, but all I can come up with so far is "Happy Easter!"

Yeah, I know that's not too fact it sounds exactly like "Happy 4th!" which is what I got stuck on for 2 or 3 Julys in a row!

I'm open to suggestions for a kicky phrase. Meanwhile, I plan to repaint the little chalkboard black to get rid of the residue of chalk.

Sharing my tea post this week at the Friend's Sharing Tea party at Bernideen's. I hope you'll join me there.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. It looks so cheerful!
    Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

  2. The flowers are a delight and have certainly added so much cheer.
    Wishing you an eggcellent Easter would be my suggestion for the blackboard.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I'm not a big fan of purple either, though I love it as a flower color. I like your white dishes a lot.

  4. Oh, it does cheer it up so! I wouldn't pick purple to paint the walls but I really love it in a bouquet and with the yellow, it just pops!

  5. Purple is my favourite colour so I'm loving your pretty flowers! I also really like the canisters with the glass knobs. Very cute! Thanks for the visit.

  6. What a wonderful Pig Chalk board - I have a similar Bunny one I will be getting out soon. I say things like Welcome to My Kitchen, Spring is Just Ahead, etc! Your photos look lovely here and I am so glad you participated! Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a sweet setting in the kitchen. I love the bit of sparkle that Dollar Store flowers brings, especially when we don't have fresh ones - and they are so affordable we can afford to change them often. Lovely post, thank you.

  8. What a darling vignette, Sugar! I love your chalkboard piggy. I have a similar one, and just love the little fella. Your piggy looks happy among the pretty flowers. Have fun with those grandgirls!

  9. Love you sweet vignette and the flowers are lovely!!! I adore your sweet Piggy!! Thanks so much for stopping by and I will have to link up my Tea pot post to Bernideen's party. I hope you are enjoying the weekend!!

  10. Your flowers really did perk up my spirits not to mention the “joy" it radiated in your post ( I love purples).... sometimes choosing the unusual is good for our outlook in life... even , Mr. Piggy looks quite content sitting amongst the flowers. I enjoyed your having tea with you ...
    Thank you for you kind visit... Hugs

  11. You did a great job with your Dollar Tree finds! I'm not a tree drinker but your post makes me want one in nice posh china like yours. ;)

    1. Mr. Cool: Posh? Would you believe the platters are 10-year-old pieces from Sam's Club restaurant supply section? Sadly they no longer sell them, but they wear like iron.

  12. Your flowers do brighten up the day... and we do need it as we wait for spring to settle.

  13. Love your pretty flowers. I think I need some to brighten up my apartment. xo Laura

  14. I'm generally a red fan, but every now and then, I pop a few purple blossoms in a vase and it really brightens up the place. I didn't realize yours weren't real. Could've fooled me...isn't the dollar store the best?

  15. The flowers look good. I seem to always find something at the 99 cent store.

    Hope your tea was a success with the grands.

    Have a sunny week.


  16. It is amazing the power flowers have to cheer up a room. And us as well.

  17. One of my favorite spring sayings is "The earth laughs in flowers." Maybe you could put that on your board? The flowers look lovely and really brighten things up. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  18. That made a delightful tea time! The purple flowers just brighten it all up...and as it is still winter here...until tomorrow when spring seems to be forecast...that's good!

  19. I am a huge fan of the five dollar bouquet. In fact, I have had five dollar bouquets last much longer than the big, expensive ones. There’s nothing like a small bouquet of flowers to perk up the day. I really enjoyed this post, because I love looking at tea things, and yours are glorious!

  20. I love your kitchen! The flowers are definitely a bright pop of color - helps with the grey, rainy days we've had.