Friday, May 18, 2018

A Change Of Heart

Sometimes just when you give up on something, a spark ignites.

This piece of decoration has been around the house for probably 5 years, but I never really liked it, so I put it in a box of donations a while back. 

Before I had a chance to donate it, I saw something very similar in a pretty post by Butterfly and Bungalow...

Butterfly And Bungalow

So I had a change of heart and out of the donation box it came! 

I decided to try the new white paint and dark brown wax by Vintage Paints that I bought at Birds & Words in McKinney recently.

Sorry to say I was disappointed with the white paint by Vintage Paints, at least on the metal. 

I would say it had a kind of slick plastic look to it! I quickly painted it with another paint I had on hand, One-Step Paint by Amy Howard. 

Painted With One-Step Paint By Amy Howard

I've always had a great outcome on metal with One-Step Paint, and from now on I plan to make it my go-to paint for metal.

Painted But Not Waxed Yet

I used the dark brown wax by Vintage Paints, and I was happy with the way it turned out. It was easy to apply and removed easily when I wanted to take some of the dark wax away.

Dark Wax Added

This just proved to me, once again, that everything looks better with a little chalk paint and wax.

Thanks for dropping by!

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  1. It certainly made a difference, it looks good.

  2. Looking at this, wouldn't it be a great challenge to give this same item to loads of different creative people and see what the'd do with it. I'd probably spray it black and add loads of bling. :D

  3. There ya go! Never get rid of a good fleur de' lis. Is that how you spell it? :)

  4. Wow...amazing what a little paint can do!

  5. Something new from something old . . . I love it! Isn't it amazing what paint can do :)

  6. Pretty! Paint sure does make the difference to lots of things. Especially those "gold" painted candleholders and decor items. Paint them and they take on a much better, fresher look.

  7. Love your new go to look. I had a ceramic rooster and hen that I had made many years ago in a ceramic class. It was in reds and was really outdated. I grabbed a can of spray paint and painted it off white. It is now displayed with my white ironstone plates, and looks amazing. I too was at the point of putting them in the donation box, but glad I gave them a second chance.

  8. You are just good at painting and fixing things up. Usually when I pull something out of the donation box, it's to wear...something I swore never to wear again. Your painted piece does look pretty.

  9. Good job! I love that you took it out of the donation box and gave it a new look. I often see decorative items at thrift stores at bargain prices that I imagine taking home and painting, much like you did. I have to restrain myself. My hubby's already worried that I might start collecting now that I have a clean slate. :)

  10. I love it. It seems like I had something similar. It's gone now, though. I love falling back in love with something you already have.