Wednesday, May 23, 2018


How long has it been since you've been to the carnival? 

When we were kids back in the last century, the carnival was a big deal for us small town kids.

Every spring, a carnival now comes to our small town in Texas. The carnival sets up on a Friday and stays through the following weekend. 

For the last two years, the carnival has coincided with a spring break visit of two of our grandkids who love to go to the carnival. 

The kids love the rides that are a little more tame than these two, and mom and dad buy each of them a day long pass so we stay as long as we can...

The littlest granddaughter usually lets us know when it's time to go home...

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Kids normally enjoy the carnivals. I used to take them but don't get into any rides. Enjoy seeing them playing:)

    1. I'm with you! I don't ride the rides since I was in my 20's and had to be let off the Ferris Wheel ASAP, but love seeing them having a ball. We also keep the kids while mom and dad go on the crazy rides.

  2. Oh, she's just precious! I think the same carnival comes to our little town every year, too! Aren't they wonderful? The grands must love spending the day there - such a fun thing to do. I can't wait until mine are old enough to go. I always look forward to the cotton candy :) xx Karen

  3. I cannot remember the last time I saw a carnival come to or area.Growing up I would see them all over the place and at different times of the year. So many happy memories I had at them growing up.

  4. I used to love Fairgrounds as a youngster but have to say I haven't been to one for a while. Maybe now I have a grandchild I'll be going back to them again! Ha.

  5. Oh I love a good fair or carnival! I miss my daughters being in 4H because of the time we spent at fair!

  6. Oh that little face! What a beauty she is :) I have not been to a carnival in years. Maybe this year I should go again, and rediscover the joy.

  7. We use to go to the county fair every year when I was a kid. Since then people have started shooting each other and we stopped attending.
    Your granddaughter is adorable.

  8. Too long! Thanks for taking us along, I love the carnival. I don't even mind clowns.

  9. I remember going to the carnival every year in our town when I was a kid too. We lived close to where it was held and I used to walk over and be there every day. Fun times.

  10. Oh that sweet face! Haven't we all felt the need to leave the carnival. Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

  11. How sweet. I hope you had a good time. Cute pictures.