Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vintage Paint And Window Shopping

Everything painted in this storefront window was painted with a chalk paint line called Vintage, which this shop sells. Don't you love that old world look? 

Storefront Window - Birds And Words Shop In McKinney TX

The painted furniture inside was even more lovely, but I got too involved with mooning over their vintage cubby cabinet I showed a while back and didn't get photos once I was inside the store.

All their paints, waxes, and creams were displayed on that old green cubby cabinet I whined over recently. 

Of all the colors, this gray-blue dresser was definitely calling to me!

I bought this book a while back at another of my favorite stores in McKinney called My Favorite Room...

Since buying the book, I've been looking for the paint. I found it right down the street! 

The best thing about the book (besides all the wonderful projects featured) is that on the right hand corner of the page the book shows each of the paint colors and waxes used to complete each project. 

I'm planning on painting some light fixtures similar to this sconce, so I bought the paint required for this light fixture. 

They used one paint color and two waxes: Warm Cream to paint the fixture, then the brown wax and white wax to age and finish it.

I was happy to find the Vintage paint at the shop pictured here, which is called Birds And Words in McKinney, TX. 

Here's a few "inside the shop" photos of some of their painted furniture from their Facebook page...

I bought several small samples of the paint to try along with their dark brown aging wax. I already have a white wax from another brand that I want to use up so that will do for now.

Now all I need is a victim to practice on! I'll go out to my stash in the garage and find a small piece of furniture to use to try out the paint.

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  1. I have never used chalk paint. I feel like I am so behind the times. Next thing I paint I am going to make sure I buy the chalk paint.

    1. Betty, you can actually make a version of the paint if you have leftover paint and want to try out chalk-like paint. You can find recipes on Pinterest and Google. Some homemade versions are made with non-sanded grout (available at hardware stores), some with baking soda from your kitchen, some with calcium carbonate (available in a health food store.)

  2. Not painting so much these days myself....but I can understand your attraction to these pieces!

  3. What a darling boutique. I miss McKinney. Have a great week.

  4. Its a good job I don't live near by I would be forever in that little shop swooning over the furniture.

  5. I love all those colors on their furniture pieces...

  6. Thanks for the lovely tour . . . I love the name of their shop too :)
    Wishing you a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  7. oh wow... I went over to that shop's website!! I would be living in that store!! lolol... just beautiful ....

  8. I just love McKinney. It's got adorable shops.