Sunday, October 14, 2018

Dogs Prove...You Can Pick Your Family!

Here's the latest two to join Youngest Daughter's family... 

Lucy, a "portly" dachshund came first. She was abandoned by her previous family when they asked the vet to put her to sleep rather than pay for an operation she needed. 

Zoe, half Lucy's size now, was just a little bitty thing when Youngest Daughter and family fostered her for what was to be a short time! 

Right away the whole family fell in love with Zoe and soon a "Foster-Fail" turned into a happy adoption.

These two dogs have quickly become part of the family and it's hard to remember when they weren't here. They have found their place as it should be...

They will never take the place of the two terriers that were a part of Youngest Daughter's life for so long, just as new members of all families create their own place when they join too.

We will always remember Bailey Girl...who left just before her 16th year.

And...we will always remember Mr. Wrigs who followed Bailey out soon after Lucy was adopted.

Car Ride Mid-2000's
Bailey was always the boss until it came to car rides

Wrigley was abused and fearful when he was adopted, and it took a few years before he overcame his fear. He finally found his calling in life when little Lily was born. 

He seemed to believe he was put on this earth to keep his little sister safe...

And, safe he kept her through the years...

Then at the end, sister Lily was there to snuggle him and say goodbye the day he peacefully left this earth...

Sometimes all it takes is a glance to know you're family. 

As the song goes...just one look, that's all it took.

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  1. Such a lovely post...I loved every word. Thank you!

  2. What a wonderful post! They give a whole new meaning to the term "lucky Dog."

  3. Wonderful, pets bring such joy to our lives.

  4. I don't know why people get dogs and then abuse them! I'm so glad the new guys found a loving home! Those photos are adorable!!

  5. Oh, I could not read this with crying. How adorable, ever one of them. What a sweet family you have and how lucky those little dogs are to have found such a good loving home.

  6. We sure are dog people in this family! Wrigley sure was a good boy. I'm looking forward to meeting my new dog-nieces soon!

  7. Great post . . . filled with love . . . and that little girl has the prettiest smile. Isn't it wonderful how dogs can move in and win us over. It warms my heart each time I come into a room and my little dog's tail goes wagging a hundred miles an hour. They have huge hearts and their tails give them a way, LOL.
    Wishing you a sweet day.
    Connie :)

    1. Connie, thank you. I'm embarrassed to admit I lost my best friend (a mutt called Ginger) 27 years ago and have never been able to let myself get another dog. I do love all my grand-dogs tho, and it hurts just as much as we are losing them to old age. Wrigley was my hardest one to warm up to, but ended up being one of my two favorites. I still cry every time I think of his beautiful soul.

  8. Aww - those dogs are blessed! And I know they will give so much back to their family!

  9. I have tears in my eyes. Wonderful post. I have had 3 dogs over the years and one does not replace the one that passed. They just add to our family like you said. The dogs and kids are beautiful. I think all kids should have a dog. They learn so much.

  10. My aunt always had "portly" dachshunds. I always felt sorry for them, with their short legs and bellies hanging on the floor. :D

    1. Mr. Cool, we like to think Lucy is a thin girl just bursting to get out. LOL. She's been on a diet since she was adopted and has done well (tho she LOVES food) and since little Zoe came along Lucy is really getting more exercise and it's showing.

  11. Actually, that sounds like me! Lol.