Friday, October 12, 2018

Friday Finds...At Target's Dollar Spot

Target pulls me in to their "Dollar Spot" section every time because I always have to look, don't you?

They know what they're doing by putting the Dollar Spot right by the front door!

In the Dollar Spot, everything is usually priced at $1 or $3, and I often find answers to my problems right in this little section of Target. 

For instance, this little $3 faux wood charger solved the problem of the messy bird. 

Can't you can see the guilt written all over her little messy face? 

Her nest sits on top of the bottle-dryer-turned-glass-holder. She was always dropping little pieces of her nest unto the white Lazy Susan that holds the glasses near the refrigerator water dispenser.

Until I saw the faux wood charger at the Dollar Spot, I was thinking of painting the Lazy Susan white - yet again - but this time with a glossy paint that could be washed. 

Now...I'm not a "glossy paint" person so that shows you how desperate I was getting!

But, as you can see, the dark wood charger hides any little pieces of nest that might drop off accidentally...

To tell you the truth, until I did this post and read that sales tag, I didn't realize the faux wood circle was meant to be a charger to use under place settings at the table! 

I'm thinking that would really be cute too. Happy Weekend to you!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I picked up the "fall is my favorite" wooden recipe holder from the dollar spot for $3 a few weeks ago, perfect for holding my tablet up while I am using it to read recipes while cooking and it is super cute! I will be out of luck when Winter comes!

  2. I browse though the Dollar Spot every time I'm in Target, too.

  3. That's really cute! I love the dollar spot too.

  4. Very cute! I love Target's Dollar Spot as well and have found quite a few accessories there - a tray, a cake stand, a vase. It's fun looking! Happy Weekend, Cheryl

  5. I usually walk right by it, now I will definately have to stop and take a look.

    Thank you!

  6. Aren't you a clever girl? I love the Target $ spot, too...where all the really good stuff is $3! lol

    Ummmm...would that be where the saying "dirty bird" comes from? lol xo Diana

  7. That's a great solution and looks real cute too :)

  8. I loved her little guilt ridden face. A wonderful solution.

  9. Love that wooden charger!! Dollar Tree advertised wood charger online but they never came into our local stores.... Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by again!!

  10. I love the Target dollar spot! I found the cutest pumpkins there this year! Love the wooden charger...and I love that it is multi-purpose! :-) Have a great one!

  11. That's really cute! I love the dollar spot too.