Saturday, October 6, 2018

"How To" Scarecrow From Let's Add Sprinkles

Since I was speaking of making scarecrows in my last post, I thought you might like the instructions for this adorable scarecrow makeover by Katie at Let's Add Sprinkles

Katie started with an old, store-bought scarecrow that had seen better days and made it into this truly special little creature. In her post, Katie kindly takes you through her step-by-step process. 

I know Henny (over at Henny Penny Lane) has been thinking about making a scarecrow, so when I saw Katie's latest creation I thought of Henny...and all of you too of course!

Katie has also announced the next Texas Bloggers' blog tour, which is starting this Monday. I had to pass this time, but I'm always glad to help spread the word for my fellow Texans!

You can see how Katie made that cute little scarecrow and get all the details on the Fall In Love With Texas blog tour HERE.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Cute! I'd like to make a scarecrow but there will be no time for fun stuff this month. Nose to the grindstone for me!

    1. Granny, I always think I'm going to use the long winter months to make some cute fall and Christmas stuff and be well ahead of those seasons, but of course when winter comes my mind is on other things!