Monday, December 11, 2017

A Tip On Lighting To Save You Money

Last week when the electricians replaced this light in our entry hall, we had another repair for them to do outside. 

See the light in that corner of the front-yard patio? It faces up and provides quite a bit of light on the wall.

Our house has six "UP" lights like that, which are mostly for display. The six lights use just a teeny tiny LED bulb that is barely the size of two cardboard matches.

It had been about 2 years since those UP-lights have worked! 

In the photos above and below, you can see the outdoor entry has a chandelier up top (behind the window) and two lanterns (on either side of the brick doorway) to provide lights for safety, so the UP-lights weren't a priority since we have lots of other things on our To-Do list.

Wild Bill had spent several sessions over that 2-year period trying to troubleshoot the circuit boxes and minor stuff, but since all six lights went out at the same time, he knew it was the wiring or some electrical issue best left to an electrician. 

So after quickly putting up the new inside chandelier, the two guys tackled the outdoor electrical problem. They were up and down in the attic and outside at all the light boxes, checking for any default they could find.

It only took all of 15 minutes for the two electricians, and a sheepish Wild Bill, to come in and announce the problem was fixed!

What was it? All six LED bulbs had indeed gone out around the same time, making it look like a wiring problem! A trip to Home Depot and all our lights were back in business. 

So, even if it appears the lightbulb couldn't be the problem... our tip is to check the lightbulbs anyway! 

While we were having a good laugh at Wild Bill's expense, the electricians told us the maintenance man at their company had complained a light in the maintenance area was out. 

They said they took all their equipment over to repair the light, and when they climbed up and looked into the light fixture -- there wasn't a lightbulb in the light socket! 

Just shows even maintenance professionals can make this mistake.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Friday, Last Day Of Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour!

Hey There!  Today we finally get to see the last homes on the Cozy At Christmas blog tour.

I will miss seeing all the Texas houses after the tour is over. Not all the participants were Texans this year, but there were quite a few!

It's fun to have a lot of Texas Gals watching. All I have to do is post a picture of some really cute Christmas pillows or seasonal dishes and one of the Texans will say, "... have you been shopping at Weir's Furniture again?"

Only a Texan would know about The Country Store section at this local chain of furniture stores.

I took all these pictures at the Country Store section of Weir's just so I could share all their cute stuff with you. 

I don't receive any compensation for sharing the Weir's stores with you. I just thought you might like to know about them because their prices are really reasonable and they do sell online!

I'm not a native Texan, but I was smart enough to marry one! 

We've lived in Texas for over 12 years now and, seriously, probably half my furniture and seasonal decor was purchased at Weir's.

As the saying goes...I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as soon as I could!

When I was shopping here the other day, not only was I smitten with the plaid pillow, but this one with jingle bells had me at HELLO too! 

The only reason I chose the plaid pillow instead of this one is because I was looking for plaid things.  Also, I kinda thought this one could be made at home anyway.

See you tomorrow if you can make it! There's more blogs to visit and Christmas decorations to use for inspiration in your own decorating.

Friday -- Day 5

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Thursday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

Today is day four of the Cozy At Christmas blog tour. I'm on the stop today. Come on in and thanks for dropping by!

I'd like to take a minute to say Merry Christmas to you and a big thank you to Katie of Let's Add Sprinkles, who has devoted time and energy putting together 20-plus bloggers and organizing this blog tour!

Yep...I had to work this cute plaid pillow right in here at the start. 

Look at all the wonderful pillows a local furniture store had to choose from...

Hard choice! I finally bought that cute plaid pillow! It's sitting right here inside the door on this vintage bench, right under the still unpainted bead board wall.

If it looks like someone just threw these pillows on that bench, you would be right! I am not a "stylist" so to speak, so I just mix them up and put 'em down. Eventually things find a place to stay, if only for a little while.

The entryway is a little under construction, but look around anyway. We don't take ourselves too seriously around here obviously.

The ceiling light finally got put up yesterday after waiting 4 months for its turn at bat. The excuse we use is old knees and 12-foot ceilings... 'nuf said.

Behind the entryway bench is the wall/cabinet we had built between the dining room and the entryway to provide a little more privacy. 

Someday someone is going to paint the cabinet, the beadboard and the trim a lovely shade of white. Just not this week.

Everything in the living room seemed to be brown when I started decorating for Christmas. The other blogs this week were so colorful! 

I added my mother-in-law's vintage quilt to the back of this love seat to add a dash of patterns. The quilt was made by her family and friends way back when!

Would you believe I'm working on decorating our Christmas mantel for the third fourth time this month? There's one word that spells out the problem with our mantle...LIGHTS!

I bought two packages of old fashion, vintage style lights last month. I love them! They're bright, cheerful -- and best of all -- vintage looking. 

First I put the chalkboard on the mantle and wrapped just one set of the vintage style lights around it. Man, love at first sight for me...until night fell and we could hardly see for the glare!

Along the way, the lights got toned down and eventually this mirror found its way back up onto the fireplace mantle.

Here's how the mantle looks this morning...

Thank goodness it's early in the month. I still have so many great ideas from the other blogs on the tour that I want to try out this year.

The faux tree got put up as you can see. It's slim and 7 1/2 feet tall, and best of all, not flocked! Now it just needs some ornaments to go along with the built-in lights. 

We had a larger, flocked tree for the last 6 years, but it was so messy we only put it up in 2011 and again in 2013. Last summer we put it on the curb with a free sign, and it was gone quick. No more flocked trees for us!

I hope you can stop by the rest of the houses on the tour today. I've picked up some really cute ideas already this week and I'm hoping for more. 

Schedule For Thursday, Day 4

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

Happy Hump Day! Right in the middle of decorating for Christmas, we're having some electrical work done here at the house today. 

One of things on the list is to finally have the light in the entryway hall replaced with this one we I bought a few months back last August!

Wild Bill is not a fan of my rusty-metal-distressed-white-painted light, so he doesn't want any credit for picking it out! 

When I checked the blog to see how long the light has been sitting on the bench in the entryway waiting to be installed, I was amazed at how time flies. Last August? For real???

It's a long way up!

I know a lot of you DIY-ers are probably thinking you would've put it up yourself 4 months ago, right? 

Well...we made the mistake of buying a house with 12-foot ceilings! 

Now every time we think of anything that involves climbing a VERY tall ladder at our age, we put that project off. 

Hump Day also means the...

 Cozy At Christmas And Hanukkah tour is halfway through the week today. I hope you've had a chance to check out the other houses on the tour so far.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but there might be some pretty pink pastel vintage ornaments at one of the stops today! 

Here are the stops on today's blog tour:

Hope you'll be back Thursday and Friday to see the rest of the houses on the Cozy At Christmas blog tour.

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Tuesday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

Today is the second day of the Cozy At Christmas blog tour. I got lots of Christmas ideas yesterday while touring the four homes on the first day of the tour.

I was inspired by Cecillia at The B Farm to hang a few snowy pictures on the wall behind our Christmas tree yesterday. I really loved how her snowy pictures added to the feel of her cozy tree.

All the red plaid and patterns on yesterday's tour made me think our home felt a little dull! I had already placed a red plaid throw across the arm of the love seat here, but now I want to add a lot more color after seeing the lovely colorful homes on the tour.

I scrounged around in the top of a closet and found a red plaid duvet cover from a few years back and two red floral pillow shams that were packed away. 

The shams were given to me by my mother about 12 years ago when she didn't want them any more. It seems everything old is new again for sure. All you have to do is hide them away and wait!

I'm thinking of using these in some way -- other than on a bed as they are intended -- but haven't quite figured it out yet. Any suggestions in your comments would be much appreciated!

I've linked below the tours of the homes scheduled for today. Hope you'll have time to stop by and mingle.

Tuesday - Blog Tour Day 2

If you missed any of yesterday's home tours, you can find the links to those tours HERE.

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Monday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

I've been decorating lately and even made a run down to Canton Texas for the December "First Monday" Trade Days, which was held last Thursday through Sunday. 

I bought these a few of these little pine cones after falling head over heels for them at LaurieAnna's shop. 

Yesterday, I pulled out a box of Faux Snow bought at Pottery Barn's After-Christmas-Sale last year, some vintage ornaments, and a vintage glass milk jug and spent more hours than I care to admit trying to create a "Christmas Moment" in the milk jug with the little pine cones.

I was really loving that Faux Snow...and getting a little carried away with it...Thankfully Wild Bill brought me to my senses by asking "why?" just before I scattered the Faux Snow all over the top of the cabinet!

You can get some better decorating ideas today as this is the first day of the Cozy At Christmas holiday home blog tour. Hope you'll be able to visit today's homes on display.

I've already stopped by Let's Add Sprinkles to see what ideas I could use to inspire my decorating. 

Her front door was a really pretty sight, but my favorite was this dresser and mirror all prettied up for the season. I like a more minimalist approach like this...I just can't seem to pull it off!

Next up was a visit to Decor To Adore who features her very calm and lovely Christmas bedroom. As usual, when I visit her blog I always get stuck on photos of her charming dogs! 

Little Gracie's picture this year does not disappoint...

A stop at The B Farm reminded me of just how cozy a Christmas tree can make a home. I love her tree surrounded by pictures of snowy winter scenes!

To round out Monday's tour of four featured blogs, a visit to County Road 407 will bring a smile to your face when you see her Cocoa Bar!

The candy canes on her cocoa bar brought back sweet memories of when our three girls were small and candy canes were my go-to Christmas tree decorations! I think I'm going to go buy some today.

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