Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Garden: What Came Back This Year

Outside in the front, the pots are starting to come to life. Several plants from last year even sprouted up on their own...

Bless my little brown thumb...I'm as shocked as you are!

For instance, this Hydrangea died out early last summer, but it is again.

I was just a few days away from buying a new Hydrangea plant when I realized this one was coming back on its own.

I'll bet this happens to you all the time, but it's a first for me.

Wild Bill's little fig tree popped right up again and already has figs coming out. 

It's a 3rd-generation-cutting tree (cutting from his grandparent's tree became his mother's tree, and a cutting from mom's tree became ours) that wilts and dies down some in late fall each year, but as soon as it gets some sun the leaves start popping out again. It's a hardy one!

It's long past time to put the little fig tree in the ground, but we're trying to keep it in a pot so it's movable.  That way, if we sell the house this year we can still take it with us.

Rosemary, Mint, and Boxwood are three more plants that came back this year along with a few more that I have no idea what they are!
Boxwood And Rosemary From Last Year

I read last year that Mint is one plant that can get away from you if you're not careful where you plant it. Lesson learned! 

This is one of the Mint plants after I pulled half of it out...

Mint Gone Wild

Why plant Mint? I read that Mint will keep vermin away so I had to try it. Don't know if that's true, but it sure smells good as does the Rosemary.

There's even a few Ruellia plants that popped up by themselves in the rock bed...

Here's what Ruellia looks like once the flowers bloom. 

Ruellia's nickname is Mexican Petunia, and this plant loves the heat and takes very little water to grow. It also spreads like crazy and will come back each year, filling in your empty spaces by spreading itself as far as you'll let it go.

I bought several new plants in pairs to plant in the pots on either side of the entryway.

Doesn't it always seem like you bought a lot of plants until you plant them? I'll have to make another trip to the nursery soon to buy a few more to fill up the empty spaces in the pots.

I'm thankful today for all the rain we've been having and all the plants that came back this year without any effort, especially that Hydrangea. 

How about you? Do you have any tips on what you plant that returns to your garden each year?

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Friday, May 18, 2018

A Change Of Heart

Sometimes just when you give up on something, a spark ignites.

This piece of decoration has been around the house for probably 5 years, but I never really liked it, so I put it in a box of donations a while back. 

Before I had a chance to donate it, I saw something very similar in a pretty post by Butterfly and Bungalow...

Butterfly And Bungalow

So I had a change of heart and out of the donation box it came! 

I decided to try the new white paint and dark brown wax by Vintage Paints that I bought at Birds & Words in McKinney recently.

Sorry to say I was disappointed with the white paint by Vintage Paints, at least on the metal. 

I would say it had a kind of slick plastic look to it! I quickly painted it with another paint I had on hand, One-Step Paint by Amy Howard. 

Painted With One-Step Paint By Amy Howard

I've always had a great outcome on metal with One-Step Paint, and from now on I plan to make it my go-to paint for metal.

Painted But Not Waxed Yet

I used the dark brown wax by Vintage Paints, and I was happy with the way it turned out. It was easy to apply and removed easily when I wanted to take some of the dark wax away.

Dark Wax Added

This just proved to me, once again, that everything looks better with a little chalk paint and wax.

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

When You Love It, But Let It Go

Have you ever loved something, but no matter how you try it just doesn't work for you? 

That's how I feel about this sweet vintage cabinet...

I thought about painting it several times, but it's a lot of work to do that with all the little nooks and crannies. 

Here's a picture of it in the shop where I bought it years ago.

We have quite a few other cabinets, so I put the little cabinet up for sale on Craigslist the other day and it sold that day.

It was fun to dress it up for different occasions, but we're planning on selling our house in the next year so reducing "stuff" is what's happening around here. 

All the glass in the door, front, and sides would have made it hard to move any distance so it was the obvious choice when it came to reducing cabinets.

Happy Mother's Day this year to all you ladies out there! 

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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

We Took A Saw To Our Bed

I kinda like the shock value of that header -- We Took A Saw To Our Bed -- so I kept it even though it doesn't really tell a clear story of what happened. 

Restoration Hardware's St James Bed

I mean, it wasn't anything salacious. We did take a saw to our bed, but it was to cut the dang thing up!

Restoration Hardware's St James bed frame is beautiful, but crazy high priced. I fell in love with it, but the price was out of our budget. 

Our Knock-Off Bed From Weir's Furniture

Close-Up of Knock-Off Bed

We literally found a knock-off bed, for half the price, at a furniture store right next door to Restoration Hardware. I made a quick decision to buy it without checking it out throughly.

Warning, this is a cautionary tale: Be careful of knock-offs! 

See how far the sides of our footboard stood out? I can't tell you how many times I ran into the edges and bruised my leg just above the knees. Finally I'd had enough.

Wild Bill did vividly question my sanity when I asked him to get out a small electrical saw so I could use it to cut off the footboard!

I'll spare you the long conversational details of our discourse on the subject. Let's just say Mama Wanted It Done, so it got done.

Guide Line Drawn 

A Little Blurry Action Shot

Of course he didn't trust me with a saw near the bed (honestly, I didn't either) so he cut off pieces of the bottom ledge for me, as I knew he would. 

I did spread out the painter's drop cloth around the floor and stood by with a vacuum and kept the area clean if that counts!

Now the cut part needs to be sanded and stained, and then it will be better than new since it's no longer a hazard.

And, oh yes...maybe painted? It was really the painted white bed I loved, but the knock-off didn't come in anything other than stained.

How about you...Do you have something that's irritating you that needs to be fixed? Sometimes if you don't make the right decision, you just have to make the decision right.

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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Vintage Paint And Window Shopping

Everything painted in this storefront window was painted with a chalk paint line called Vintage, which this shop sells. Don't you love that old world look? 

Storefront Window - Birds And Words Shop In McKinney TX

The painted furniture inside was even more lovely, but I got too involved with mooning over their vintage cubby cabinet I showed a while back and didn't get photos once I was inside the store.

All their paints, waxes, and creams were displayed on that old green cubby cabinet I whined over recently. 

Of all the colors, this gray-blue dresser was definitely calling to me!

I bought this book a while back at another of my favorite stores in McKinney called My Favorite Room...

Since buying the book, I've been looking for the paint. I found it right down the street! 

The best thing about the book (besides all the wonderful projects featured) is that on the right hand corner of the page the book shows each of the paint colors and waxes used to complete each project. 

I'm planning on painting some light fixtures similar to this sconce, so I bought the paint required for this light fixture. 

They used one paint color and two waxes: Warm Cream to paint the fixture, then the brown wax and white wax to age and finish it.

I was happy to find the Vintage paint at the shop pictured here, which is called Birds And Words in McKinney, TX. 

Here's a few "inside the shop" photos of some of their painted furniture from their Facebook page...

I bought several small samples of the paint to try along with their dark brown aging wax. I already have a white wax from another brand that I want to use up so that will do for now.

Now all I need is a victim to practice on! I'll go out to my stash in the garage and find a small piece of furniture to use to try out the paint.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

DIY A Flag Like Scavenger Chic

Since there's a lot of opportunities to fly a flag this time of year, you might need one, right?

You can make yourself a flag with some wood and paint if you click on over to Scavenger Chic's blog and follow the directions. 

I was happy to find this flag project as I've been looking for something to do with quite a bit of scrap wood we have in a large box in our garage.  Scavenger Chic

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Sunday, April 29, 2018

New "Magnolia Home" Paint To Try

Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame has a new line of wall paint and a new line of what she calls "Chalk Style" paint. Here's a picture from her website:

Magnolia Home Chalk Style Paint

According to the online information, the Magnolia paints will be carried at selected Ace Hardware stores and local Target stores, as well as online at the Magnolia website

I'm really interested in trying the chalk paint after I watched all the videos on the website. Lots of tips and tricks there to help with your painting! 

Magnolia will also carry a special paint formulated for trim and cabinets. 

I have a lot of trim to paint, as well as a big cabinet and bead board wall, so that's why I'm looking forward to trying Magnolia's trim and cabinet paint.

Cabinet Side of Built-In

Bead Board Side of Built-In 

The other day, after putting it off for so long, I started painting the bead board side of the cabinet/wall built-in. 

Since Fusion Mineral Paint has a slightly hard finish to it, I tried two of their colors on the bead board.

It was kind of a Goldilocks day for me... the Limestone color (three boards kind of in the middle) was too yellowish-cream. The Casement color (the last two boards on the right) seemed too bright white. 

I mixed the two Fusion colors together, half and half, and painted the five boards on the left with that mixture.  

The mixed color was just about the right color I wanted, but the finish seemed like it was going to be too dull.

I stopped for the day to mull it over, and by chance I read about the new Magnolia paints. 

The Trim and Cabinet paint is a semi-gloss, so it will have the finish I want. It only comes in two colors, Shiplap and White, but one of those colors should work. 



Our local Target doesn't have Magnolia Home paint in stock yet, so I'm going to a nearby town to try their Ace Hardware store to see if they have it in stock. Fingers crossed! I'd like to get that bead board done finally. 

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