Friday, July 22, 2016

Five On Friday - Books And Bunnies

Books and bunnies seem to be coming and going today. Here's my Five On Friday, joining the party at Love Made My Home.

1. Amazon delivery arrived part was Susan Branch's book, Martha's Vineyard - Isle of Dreams. 
I sat right down and started reading it. As an avid follower of Susan's blog (see bloglist for link) I couldn't wait to read it. Like me, she's a California girl who moved far away to another world. 

2. I couldn't put it down! As I read, I got to the part where she accidently bought a small cottage while on her way to see a rental house. Oops! I loved it. She was talking about walking in her new yard and seeing brown bunnies hopping all around. That made me think of the poor baby bunny who met with a swift death early yesterday morning. We went out to get in the car and found just its poor little back bunny legs lying in the driveway. No blood, just the legs. Did a owl drop them there? Did a dog kill the poor bunny and carry them there? Odd...

3. Right while I was thinking of that poor little bunny...CRASH! The porcelain bunny mold hanging on the top of the chalkboard fell right off and smashed on the floor.

This poor bunny lost more than his back legs, but there was a piece that I kept as an (un)lucky rabbit's foot.
4. As he did with the little rabbit legs laying on the driveway, my big house bunny hopped right up and came to my rescue and cleaned up the porcelain carcass too. Wild Bill takes his job as "floor man" around our house very serious indeed.
5. To fill up the now empty chalkboard, the metal bunny that I bought for a few dollars on clearance a while back replaced the shattered one -- along with a boxwood wreath to add volume and color. 
Black, white and boxwood green together make me so about you?
There's no breaking this bunny so, if it falls too, there will be no mess to clean up. Hop on over to Love Made My Home and join the Five On Friday link party here.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Christmas In July

Nothing I like better than Christmas movies in July. A lot of TV channels use to do it every year. 

I haven't found any on TV this year, so I'm playing my favorites on the DVD player. Which, you might ask, is my favorite?

Well...that would be The Family Stone. Love that movie anytime of the year! I love that the characters who appear to have the least in common turn out to be perfect for each other.
And then there's when Sarah Jessica Parker's character, who has already pissed everyone off, thoughtlessly gives all the family members the same exact present wrapped exactly the same, but manages to melt everyone's heart by doing so. Good cry...good cry.
Christmas can't come soon enough for me. I hate Summer!
Me and the Chicken...we like the lights. We're party girls, no doubt about it.
In fact, seeing all the color created last Christmas made me realize just how drab and neutral our front room has become. If you read my last post, you'll see it's all white and beige...I'm missing these reds and blacks right now.
Maybe it's time to start decorating for Fall. Anything but Summer. How about you? What tops your Christmas movie list?

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Knobs, Mission Accomplished

The coffee table finally got her knobs back. New knobs that is.
The last time she got a chalk-paint face lift, I used her knobs for another project. I kept meaning to get around to distressing her a little more and applying dark and clear wax, but something always came up.
 Maybe it's just me, but it seems the chicken always disapproved of the knobless decor. 

The coffee table sat naked for quite some time while I played with idea of filling in the knob holes and painting numbers on each square before I waxed her. 
Finally, after more months than I care to say, I admitted to myself that she really needed some knobs while I ponder how much more torture she can take. 
It took me just two minutes to find the knobs and two minutes to screw them in by hand. 

The chicken seems happier and that's all that matters. Now that the knobs are back on, I think I'll skip the numbers idea. Now I have to find the dark wax...
How about you? Do you have a little job that's been bugging you for months? I challenge you to get it done.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Five On Friday

It's Friday again! Here's five things on my mind this week for Five On Friday at the Love Made My Home Link Party.

1. Sunflower napkins rings from Pier One:

I saw about 15 of these sunflower napkin rings in a large glass lantern at Pier One and thought it was a charming idea. I knew I had a smaller glass lantern at home that I could use to recreate the look, so I bought four of the napkin rings for the project. 

2. Lantern to put them in: 

As soon as we got home, I cleaned and shined the small lantern I had on hand. I bought this one about 13 years ago in Salado Texas. I've never really found a good use for it til now.
Back when I bought the lantern, I got it home and there was two parts in the box; the base and the glass. I got very perturbed when I couldn't put the glass on the base without it wobbling...not good! 

I drove right back down (ten miles) and told them the problem, and the saleslady quietly and politely unscrewed the little round piece from the base and put the glass on, and then screwed the little piece in from on top of the glass. Duh! 
I don't know if she was just being nice, but she did say a lot of people had the same problem. I still felt really stupid!

3. Miscalculation:

I got the napkin rings and lantern put together and realized my little lantern was too small for even just the four sunflowers. 

Drats! I need a plan B, but for now I'm going with it. I put it in the kitchen to cheer up the place and found a use for the 4th flower.

I think the Mr. Pig looks especially pleased with his sunflower boutonniere.

4. Small Lodge Iron Skillets:

Williams-Sonoma had a sale going on when we were there this week. We bought two smaller Lodge iron skillets. Lodge pans are made in the USA so they're my go-to-choice. I've been on a "buy local" kick for a while now. The smallest is 6 inches ($10) and the other is 8 inches ($12). 

I've been using my large Lodge skillet to make desserts, but there's a lot of leftovers. By using that smallest skillet to make a dessert for the two of us, we won't have a lot of leftovers to tempt us. 

Note:  I had a real problem remembering if dessert is spelled 'desert' or 'dessert' until our youngest daughter told me dessert has a second "S" because you always want seconds. True Dat! 

5. A money saving tip on sparklers...

In Texas fireworks can be sold only until midnight on the 4th of July. We stopped at a stand on the 4th in the late afternoon and found everything was on sale. We bought a package of 12 boxes of sparklers for only $9. A friend said they paid $4 for just one of the little boxes a few days before. 

We bought them to share with two of the grand kids when we visit them during our next road trip. We'll pretend it's the 4th of July again. Good times, good times.

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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Back-To-School Backpacks

Pottery Barn Kid's catalog arrived yesterday. I'm a sucker for their backpacks. Especially the Pre-K ones! 
Why? Maybe because "Back-To-School" when I was a kid meant getting a new pair of shoes and some school clothes, but there was no money for extras... 
Who knows...but as soon as I saw PB Kid's new Back-To-School catalog with free shipping and then received a "20% off purchase" post card in the same mail, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist a purchase (or five) 
With free shipping and 20% off, it sounded like a good "Christmas In July" gift for the school-age grand kids. Little Henry, age 2, just got a new back pack for his birthday last month, so we are down to four.
Waiting to hear what they will choose. I'm probably more excited than they are. 
I think Ben and Tucker will pick something in the Star Wars motif.
Lily, age 7 going on 18, responded first of course. She was very thorough with a link to her choice, color of writing for her name and even the font type. Ya gotta love a second grader! Here's her choice of motif:
Purple and aqua pandas...and, please, no rolling ones for her! She's a big girl now, but I can't wait til she grows up to be president so I can show her the picture of the rolling one she adored when she was three.

Olivia at age three and a half, gets no choice in the matter. If she did, it would be something god awful and purrpoyl (purple) and would be lost in a sea of all her other purrpoyl things! Nope. Her mother and I already agreed on this one...
How could we not? I think I might want to wear it myself the next time we visit! They say old age is like a second childhood.

How about you? When you grew up was back-to-school a big deal?Did Sears and Roebuck's or Montgomery Ward's catalogs dictate what you would wear? 

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What's It Wednesday?

Anyone have an idea what this might have been used for? 

I bought it for $3 recently at a local thrift shop. It has a wedged front and is about 4 inches by 5 inches in size.

The ladies at the shop were as perplexed as I am about its possible use. But I think it's pretty, and I love the blue and white. 
The only suggestion I've heard is it might be a cheese server. What do you think?

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