Thursday, November 5, 2015

Wish I Had Bought One

I saw these little handpainted pumpkins just before Halloween. I took some pictures while I wandered around the store thinking about buying a few. 

I've seen velvet pumpkins all over blogland lately, but these little pumpkins were made with a rougher material and then painted the brownish orange color. Twigs stand in for the vine stump and black netting and ragged ribbon finish them off.
I don't think they would be hard to make, but the price seemed really reasonable. The biggest one was $15, the smaller ones were a little less. 
I'm hoping to get back down to the store soon to see if they might have some left, maybe even on sale, since Halloween is now past. If not, I might try to make some. If I start in early Spring, I should get them done by next Fall. 

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Those are really cute! They look like they are made of chenille. Is that possible? I like them a lot, too. xo Diana

  2. yeah, I couldn't think of the material but that's it Diana. Guess it takes two seniors to get the full story!

  3. Those are cute. I like pumpkins with texture like that. Looks like they'd keep good company with your scarecrow. :)

  4. LOL!
    We think alike.
    As I read and looked at the photos I was thinking -
    How cute, I should try to make some NOW so that they would be done for next year!
    And then you said almost the same thing! LOLOL!
    Too funny,
    Yep, very cute.

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    Chenille came to my mind when I saw the amazing texture, dear friend!!! i see in the above comments that you've clarified that as the material of choice in these amazing pumpkins!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. I have these a cream/white color. It is an old chenille bedspread that has been cut up to make the pumpkins. I wanted to make some this year, but just couldn't bring myself to pay the high price for a vintage chenille bedspread just to cut it up! They are adorable though and I love these in orange!