Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fall In Love With Texas

Down here in Texas...We Are A Fixin' To Have A Party!

Hope you will join us starting October 3rd.

Here At Rivercrest Cottage, the pumpkins and scarecrow will be coming out of storage. Here's some pictures from the last few years. The little orange striped pumpkins from 2013 were my favorite. I haven't found any in recent years, but I keep looking for them.

Even the top of the cabinets don't get spared around here. I usually like to start at the top and work my way down.
 It always drives Wild Bill crazy when I start climbing up to the top of the ladder. In true Texan fashion, he politely comes and stands below to hold the ladder for me. I think he'll make sure our next house has cabinets up to the ceiling so there's no room to add decorations at the top.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Looking like fall around your place. : ) Do be careful climbing!

  2. Love those striped pumpkins, too. I have never seen any quite like that. Well, you know....if you have cabinets to the ceiling you will need a ladder to get whatever is on the top shelf xo Diana

    ps..thanks for the sweet comments on my blog!

  3. It is all looking beautiful, loved those striped pumpkins.

  4. love the top of the cabinets, mine are to the ceiling.

  5. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I adore your orange striped pumpkins, dear friend! "Mr. Ed" had a 'bumper' crop of ONE this year, but I l o v e it dearly!
    I understand the climbing on the ladder for decor styling. . .especially since I'm five foot nothing! (wink!)
    You did notice even your ladder is black and orange, didn't You?
    I'll be watching for your Fall In Love With Texas Home Tour Party!

  6. I do like those pumpkins!
    I can't wait for the tour!