Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Play Place For Kids Of All Ages

Last time we were in Albuquerque, youngest daughter and family took us to an indoor play area called We Rock The Spectrum. I'm sure this type place occurs in most towns, but being older Wild Bill and I had no idea they existed. 
Two of our grands, Lily and Henry, were with us. There's no charge for adults, but children are $12 each. The equipment is open to the adults accompanying kids and holds up to 250 pounds.
Honestly, they should charge for the adults as youngest daughter Jaimee and I had more fun than the grand-kids! The top pictures are of Jaimee riding a zip line type ride. Mats are under the rides to ensure a soft landing for all the little ones.
Lily was taking it easy on this full length swing. If you look to the top left you can see a rolling ball with legs sticking out. I think this rolling ball was more fun for the person rolling it than the one who got put inside.
Jaimee was game to try it, but there are limitations. She opted to shake up Lily's relaxed swinging instead and got her husband Chris to push.
I was taking it easy on the body swings (truthfully, I got in but had a heck of a time getting out) when Jaimee joined me for a bit. I think she was laughing at me here because she had just witnessed me trying to get out of the one she was sitting in. Let's just say I tend to "bottom out" in those sack swings.

We did a lot of laughing that day, but some of us worried too. When Jaimee was zipping along on the zip line, I caught Chris in the corner of the photo stopping in his tracks to see if she would crash. 
Little Henry was enthralled with the trains and dad Chris was keeping an eye on him, so that left us girls with plenty of time to play.
If you're interested, you might check in your own town to see if this type of play place is available. I recommend you go early like we did, before it gets busy, so the adults can play too.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. We have a similar place called Kangaroo zoo that our grandsons love.

  2. Looks like a fun place. There is nothing like this around where I live.

  3. Such a fun place ♥


  4. We have a couple of places very similar which the Grandchildren love to go to, must admit Grandad and I are fans too. Looks like you had great fun.

  5. I never heard of such a thing!
    But not having little ones around, I'm clueless.
    It does look FUN but I'd need a bigger swing!

  6. You look like you had a really good time. Sometimes we adults just need to let the inner child out and have fun. You obviously had loads of fun and they say that laughter is great for your health. Sugar there is nothing like family to keep us balanced.