Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Downsizing For Fall

Unpacking the fall decor is almost as much fun as shopping for new stuff.  While pulling out pumpkins and sunflowers, I found this Fall banner that was a gift from Carol at Art and Sand a few years ago.
Even though it's fall, I'm still working on spring cleaning. While unpacking the fall decor I've had stored, I'm weeding out the excess. This means everything comes down out of storage, but only half of it will go back up.
That's because the one thing I really took to heart from Marie Kondo's book, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying-Up, is to reduce, reduce, reduce! 
I used to be fascinated with storage solutions. Yep, I just knew the perfect box was out there and I was going to find it! 

Ms Kondo's book helped me understand that life is easier with less stuff to store.
Since thrift shops try to sell items from the current season, I'm trying to make the hard decisions now and then box the donations up and take them right down. 

Truthfully, this is as much for me as them. Otherwise I might change my mind and hang on to that box.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. I must take a look at that book, it may help me to get rid of some of my clutter. Love the fall décor in your photos, delightful.

  2. Love your fall decor,very cute! The book sounds like a good one.

  3. Such a fabulous book! Although she is a tiny bit whacko. LOL

    Very cute decor! I've cut way back on decorations as well. I was afraid of clutter re Halloween decorations, but I forgot I decluttered them last fall. It's all good. :)

  4. Your things look very pretty. I'm with you....a little less is feeling good. ;)

  5. I have heard so many good things about this book and if anyone needs to toss out a few things it is me. I don't like clutter and I do go though stuff once in a while but not really enough.

    Your fall decor looks very pretty.

  6. I hear you. I've tried to downsize the fall decor. Cute displays.

  7. Ah, such wonderful advice! Life is so much better clutter free whether it be decorations or just plain stuff.
    It's time to get rid of stuff.
    Nice job on the decorating, your place looks very festive for the season.

  8. I have that book!
    I never finished it
    (as I type those words, I'm surrounded by stuff)
    I need to get it back out and read it
    (once I find it! LOL!)
    I never thought about getting rid of things as you take them out of storage and before you put them back!
    Great idea.
    Love your Fall decor!

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  10. That is a very good point about thrift shops! I hope that you enjoy selecting the items you want to keep and then passing on the rest to a new home. Love your banner, that is a keeper I think! xx

  11. I never did order that book...and I really need it!! Sure wish I had a box of fall stuff to unpack. I keep going out to buy something, but come home empty handed. I really want two or three big pots of mums to start with. I'm just not good at decorating, anything but a hunting lodge!

  12. I may be the odd one but I don't change my decor for each season. I just like old things and keep them out all year round. So I don't have lots of stuff to keep in storage.

    I do enjoy seeing your fall decorations out though. : )

  13. I have very little fall decorations but I'm doing the same thing as you ...I have 2 bins full right now but only 1 is going back in storage. Now...Christmas stuff is another story. ha...xoxo

  14. A lovely fall vignette! I've also gone the Marie Kondo way, there is no resisting this book.

  15. Yes, the banner says 'Carol' all over it. Love how you are using it! I will try and downsize some of my Halloween when pulling it out this weekend. I'm not too good at it though. :)

  16. Rivercrest Cottage,
    I, too, have been doing this over the past three years. . .and the rewards outweigh any hesitation you might have!
    Love the FALL banner!