Friday, September 30, 2016

Five On Friday: Lost and Found

Friday again! I'm joining Amy at Love Made My Home for Five On Friday and Dwellings for Amaze Me Monday. Here's the things I lost (sold or donated) and found this week.

1. The downsizing of "stuff" continues. I posted an ad on Craigslist for our counter stools and sold them. We met at Costco and found each other by texting (it's a big lot) and it felt like old friends. An hour later I received another text: "Thank You! Love them."  It included a picture of the stools in her house. I cracked up seeing she had the same floor color and wall color as we do. Birds of a feather for sure. 
Our House
Her House
2. Made another trip to our local charity thrift shop to drop off a box of stuff and a large, duffel-type suitcase. We bought smaller ones a year ago, but still held on to our old ones. Wild Bill donated his so now I need to clear mine out too.
3. We donate at a place called The Re-Sale Barn. You know we're country, right? Anyway...this little charity has provided over $3M to the local community over the past several years. They also have a food bank which provides free food for those in need. I love this little shop! I drive 10 miles out of my way (far past the local Goodwill) to give my donations where I know they will help the local community. Our Goodwill puts donations right into a big truck trailer that sits next to the donation area and ships them out of town.
4. Here's the first "found".  A little chalkboard-like sign for the kitchen pig's chalkboard. It's the easy way to pretend to "chalk" the boards this way. 
This one cracked me up and I thought it was perfect for the small chalkboard the pig holds. I tied the twine that holds it around the pig's neck and hid it with an orange ribbon made into a tie.

 5. The second find is a larger sign for the wall chalkboard. Since the FALL banner is on top, I just wanted a few words to show.
Being true to my motto of "complicate the hell out of it" I really made it gaudy.

Yes...if you're thinking I even broke out the Christmas lights you would be right.

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  1. You had a productive few days with the stools going to a good home and you driving a bit further to donate things to the store that helps local people. Well done blog sista.

  2. I like the sound of your local charity. I give to Goodwill because they're the only one here in town. Love the pig sign.

  3. Your posts always make me smile!
    I LOVE that you drive past Goodwill and go to Re-Sale Barn!

  4. I'm in love with the chalkboards with colored chalk art and writing on them. Your new signs are darling.

  5. I love the sound of the re-sale barn, a nice feeling to know you are helping others. Love the new signs.

  6. the little sign is perfect for the piggy...and i use christmas lights all year long. we love lights around here.

    1. BJ, I use the little battery pack lights and we have to buy the extra large packages of AAA and AA batteries every few months. I guess that's better and cheaper than being into fashion.

  7. I don't do Goodwill anymore either, it's not such a goodwill place anymore here either. Love your little pigs sign and your lights. Did I ever tell you about a light base I was hesitating about giving away, well I ended up giving it, thinking my friend would have loved it,but I was so tired, I just put it in the box to give. Well fast forward to Christmas luncheon and Santa exchange, and don't I get a lamp base with a brand new hand made shade. Yes, you guest it my friend went to the shop, bought the base, and did the shade, she does silk, custom shades. My husband, says, didn't we give that lamp away... yes dear.

    1. I like to say junk has a way of finding me, but your story tops that! My mother used to say "you can't even give that away!" and now you've proven it's true.

  8. Congrats on donating/getting rid of your excess stuff! It's always good to know someone else finds 'treasure' in your 'trash'. Donating to a local place where you know where the money goes is really good. I'm not surprised you make the extra trip!

    Happy Five on Friday

  9. Lovely fall decoration... you did an amazing job by donating the stuff who needs them..

    please visit:

  10. Hi Sugar - so nice to 'meet' you! Love your motto - that cracks me up! Love the chalkboards and that you donate to the worthy causes. I need to get rid of so much stuff.....You are inspiring me. Fun that your stools went to a kindred spirit. I'll be following along on your fun adventures! x Karen

  11. Hi Sugar! Oh, I love your name and as Beatrice said above - love your motto! I really like how your gawdyed up that area! Thank you so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

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  13. Ho nice to meet you and thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I love that you donate locally. I wish we had a place like that. xo Laura

  14. You certainly have a way of decorating to capture the feeling of the seasons. Love the piggie.

  15. Hi Sugar, Love your fall decor. You sure have a talent for pulling a special look together. Love the signs. Thanks for stopping by the Texas tour. Sorry you had to drop out but how sweet of you to share the links. I can't believe I saw that I am not following you. I thought I signed up before. I will fix that now. Have a great rest of the week and Happy October Texas friend. xo

  16. Love your finds; the pig is too cute!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  17. Pat,
    Doesn't it feel magnificently wonderful when someone loves your cast offs as much as you once did?
    One of the things I love about holding an Annual Garage $ale is seeing the glimmer in another's eyes as they "treasure" my cast~off's!
    LOVE the chalkboards!
    I purchased two vintage ones (small) while antiquing on vacation!

  18. I like the "FALL" banner, it's my favorite. Love you mama!