Thursday, December 28, 2017

Update On The Orphan Twins

Have you wondered what happened to those two scared little Chihuahuas our daughter and son-in-law are fostering over the holidays? If you missed the original post, it's here.

As you can see, they've become so socialized they are now loving on their foster mother, and poor Lucy (AKA Phat Taters) is finding it hard to keep her favorite spot right up next to mom.

Lucy Is Pissed As The Orphans Snuggle Right Up
After 9 Days Of Being Loved And Fed

The Orphan Twins have turned out to be the cutest little dogs with sweet personalities...that is, when they're awake and not peacefully sleeping cuddled up next to their foster mom.

A Newly Brave Molly Leaves Her Seat In The Back And
Tries To Ride Shotgun On The Way To Get Vaccinations

Our daughter made the whole family cry (by text) when she told us silent, scared little Max came right up to her a few days ago, looked her right in the eye...then made a soft little "half/whine - half/ruff" and put his head on her leg as if asking to be pet!

As you can see, Max no longer avoids eye contact, and he tries to give Mom kisses right back now that he knows what a kiss is.

All it took to change these two was learning to be pet and loved, and becoming secure in the fact that they would get more than enough to eat at regular mealtimes. 

When they first came to stay at their foster home, they stood just outside the kitchen when dog-meals were prepared, and they could hardly conceal their fear that they wouldn't get anything to eat!

Orphan Twins (Newly Arrived) Not Yet Use To A Getting A Good Meal

Over a week's time, the two grew comfortable with their foster family, and by Christmas Day they were brave enough to join the two family pets in the kitchen supervising "Dad" while he made everyone a nutritious doggie meal.

In fact, as you can see, the Orphans tend to get as close to the 'Family Chef' as they can get when meal prep is concerned!

For me, 2017 will always be The Christmas Of Molly And Max! Truthfully, if we didn't travel so much, Wild Bill and I would adopt the pair ourselves.

But the Orphans need a permanent home with someone who is at home most of the time. After the scary, neglected life they've lived (in a house with an animal-hoarder who had over 100 animals) we just couldn't put them in a boarding kennel when we traveled.  

If you're not aware, animal shelters and rescue organizations can always use donations of shabby towels and rugs, etc. Just call your local shelter for a list of household things they might need.

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  1. They are so cute! I have a dog that was supposed to be full blooded Chihuahua but looks more like a Jack Russell with a little Chihuahua and other than her barking constantly she is a good dog!

  2. So cute! I love the dresses!! Maybe I shall get one for my cat too :)
    Have a great day, take care...

    1. These two were rescued from an area close to the Mexican border and are use to warmer weather. Foster Mom bought them warm sweaters and coats to keep them from getting chilled and to help them feel more secure.

  3. Such a joy to see how much they have improved already.

  4. Such a sweet, happy story. Special place in heaven for your family's love & care of these babies!

  5. Those two sure have gotten comfortable there. Perhaps they have already found their new home. : )

    1. I'm hoping! I will hate to see them go, even to a perfect permanent home.

  6. They are so sweet! All it takes is a little love I guess. :)

  7. You have sure touched my heart with their story. They are so cute and I love their big dark eyes. It's amazing what a little love and care will do. I love your daughter and son-in-law for taking care of those poor little dogs.

  8. Beautiful story and I am so happy that they are feeling safe and secure with your daughter and family. They sure are darling.

    Happy New Year.


  9. I have been meaning to stop by and read the update, and in my haze, I keep forgetting - Until today. On a cold winter day, this is a perfect heartwarming story! Max and Molly's transformation is truly because of the love they are getting from your daughter and her family. You can truly see the love in those photos, and that's what it's all about. They have done a wonderful thing by helping Max and Molly find their confidence and igniting their inner spirit. Your daughter and her family opened their heart and home to Max and Molly when they needed it the most, and they have truly made a difference - How wonderful! I love this story, please let me know how it ends!!! ...Will they stay, or will they go?? :-)