Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Wednesday's Cozy At Christmas Blog Tour

Happy Hump Day! Right in the middle of decorating for Christmas, we're having some electrical work done here at the house today. 

One of things on the list is to finally have the light in the entryway hall replaced with this one we I bought a few months back last August!

Wild Bill is not a fan of my rusty-metal-distressed-white-painted light, so he doesn't want any credit for picking it out! 

When I checked the blog to see how long the light has been sitting on the bench in the entryway waiting to be installed, I was amazed at how time flies. Last August? For real???

It's a long way up!

I know a lot of you DIY-ers are probably thinking you would've put it up yourself 4 months ago, right? 

Well...we made the mistake of buying a house with 12-foot ceilings! 

Now every time we think of anything that involves climbing a VERY tall ladder at our age, we put that project off. 

Hump Day also means the...

 Cozy At Christmas And Hanukkah tour is halfway through the week today. I hope you've had a chance to check out the other houses on the tour so far.

I don't want to spoil it for you, but there might be some pretty pink pastel vintage ornaments at one of the stops today! 

Here are the stops on today's blog tour:

Hope you'll be back Thursday and Friday to see the rest of the houses on the Cozy At Christmas blog tour.

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. What a job it is to put a light up there! Oh Brave one!!! LOL that hubby wants NO credit. John can never visualize how anything will look until it is done/in place.

    Have not had a chance to visit the others yet but I will try to do that today. xo Diana

  2. I know what you mean about high ceilings, some of ours are 20 feet high and we always have trouble getting someone to hang stuff. I have an entryway light I hate, but it'll probably stay there forever. I like your new light.

    1. Janet, I'm embarrassed to say some streamers, to scare off nesting birds, that I managed to sling up onto the outside entryway light (hanging from A 16 foot ceiling) had been there for probably more than two years. The electrician climbed right up that ladder and had it all down in minutes. YAY!

  3. You and Wild Bill make me laugh. At twelve feet up, at least he won't have to see the new light, unless he looks up. I think it's pretty!

  4. Wow that is a high ceiling. You can certainly have a nice big Christmas tree!! : )

    We are going with regular 8 foot ceiling for the new house.

    1. Happyone, you are smart to keep the ceilings lower. I use to paint all our walls and trim as often as I wanted when we had 10 foot ceilings. Now with these so high, I can't stand the yellowish color throughout the house, but have been waiting until we have to have it painted before I can change it.

  5. your new light looks really good. I am taking it that Wild Bill didn't put up that light.


    1. Oh gosh no Mary! His Indian name would be "Man Who Had Surgery On Both His Knees". The electricians came today and put it up in about 15 mins with one on the ladder and one in the attic at the same time.