Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dee Misses Gammy

Recently Jaysa sent me an email titled "Dee misses Gammy" with the picture above attached. As much as she misses me, I miss her. Dee is just the kind of shit-disturbing type that I truly love. For instance, the first time Gampy and I visited after the kids got her, Dee wanted to sit on Gampy's lap some more, but Jaysa and Mike told her to leave him alone and shooed Dee away. Well, Dee went around to the back of the couch and, from a 4-legged flat foot position bounced over the couch and into Gampy's lap! Even Jaysa gave up trying to change Dee's mind about giving Gampy some love after that magnificent jump.

The following pictures will show you exactly why Sweet Dee misses her Gammy so much. And let me warn you before you visit them, Dee is a hard one to say "no" to!

After getting her bite, she lingered by my side, then let me know in several ways, like the one below where she moves close to me and stares longingly at my food, that she was more than ready for another bite.

1 comment:

  1. Dee is a hard one to sway no to. She is just so pathetic looking most times and so persistent, you really have no choice.