Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy, Happy Birthday Baby!

Can it possibly be a year today since Lily was born? Wow, time flies. To this day, I can't look at pictures from the first few days after her birth without crying. It was a rough start, but Jaimee will tell you it's hard to tell that she suffered such a traumatic birth.

Lily is getting to be a big girl, losing her baby-ness. Her jeans still need one little roll-up on the hem, but otherwise, she's a big girl now.

She can walk if she wants to, but still clings to furniture and such, just for that little bit of assurance. Any day now I'll bet she forgets to grab something and, just like that, she'll be a full-blown toddler.

She's happy go lucky and loves her family and dogs. Mama better watch out, or real soon just like me, she'll be wondering where her baby went.

It looks like basketball will be Lily's favorite sport. If we're lucky she'll take after her mother and hit 6 feet at age 13. With Jaimee's support, she may become famous for her moves with the ball...for now, they're just too cute for anything but smiles! Here's Lily's mother around 13. I wonder if she will look like Jaimee when she reaches that age?

For now, everyone says she looks the most like her Gampy Bill. Do you see the similarities? Jaimee says it cracks her up when strangers go on and on about how much Lily looks like Gampy. Yeah, she should...except, Gampy is her step-grandfather. But, Gampy was there through all the labor and fuss and muss. He was there day and night, and day again -- in the room until he got thrown out by the midwife -- and then, right outside the door all night, pacing back and forth and emailing updates to the family members who weren't able to be there. How in the world did it happen that Lily looks so much like her Gampy? The only possible answer is love makes all things possible.

We love you Lily! Happy Birthday Baby.


  1. Wow, that is a cute kid! She's got Gampy Bill's nose!

  2. Such a sweet post! I particularly enjoy the photo of Jaimee as a saloon girl.

  3. Yeah, the saloon girl photo was to remind everyone of what a hellion a 13-year-old can be and to warn Jaimee of what she has to look forward to.