Friday, April 30, 2010

What Comes Around Goes Around

Raymond and Jessie are living it up in their new retirement community. One of the things that spurred their decision to move was that Pop had to give up driving. The roads were getting too crowded for him so he decided to give it up.

When I was out in California in April, Betty told me she shipped her pickup truck from Houston to Sonoma for only $500. This turned out to be such good information when Jessie and Raymond generously gifted Jenn and Richard with their 99 Olds Alero. Considering how much gas, time, food and lodging would be involved in driving the little Go-Mobile out to San Diego, $500 in shipping turned out to be the cheapest way to get it to them.

So, after a lot of coordination between Jenn, Carmen the account at the company, Robert the driver of the truck transporting the car to San Diego, and me, I drove the little Go-Mobile to I-35 in Temple yesterday and met Robert for pickup. The Go-Mobile was quickly loaded up and Robert was on his way to pick up other autos.

As you can see Pop took great care of the little car, and with only 43,927 actual miles, Jenn and the kids should get many years of cruising comfort. I'm a sap for a heartwarming story, so I have to admit I shed a few tears thinking of how this truly is a gift that will keep on giving. You see, Jessie and Raymond had a best friend Michael who was more or less their brother in everything but blood. Michael bought the Go-Mobile in 99 brand new. He had it less than a year when he decided the car would be perfect for Jessie and Raymond. So Michael bought a 2000 Alero and gifted the Go-Mobile to Jessie and Raymond. What came around to them now is going 'round to Jenn and the kids.

I think Michael is smiling down from Heaven and would approve of the Go-Mobile's new adventure.

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