Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shit Happens...Again And Again

I need to capture what's been happening so I never forget this "lost" winter. Seems just yesterday it was September...then stuff happened.

  • Bill spent October, and one week in November, working in DC for headquarters

  • when he got home we drove over to Albuquerque for Thanksgiving and drove home

  • as soon as we got back, I flew to Chicago for Jaysa and Mike's baby shower

  • in January Bill had to take 2 "week-long" trips, which shot that month

  • Feb 6th I flew to Chicago for Ben's birth (waited..and waited...finally 17th he arrived). I got to spend some wonderful days snuggling his neck and cuddling with little Dee, then back to the real world.

  • Feb 28th I flew home and the next day we threw a surprise 63rd anniversary party at the lake for Bill's parents, Jessie and Raymond (Mom and Pop)

  • the next night Jessie had a mini stroke and spent 3 or 4 days in the hospital, then went into rehab for a week

  • meanwhile, Lily was taken by ambulance to the hospital in Albuquerque and spent 3 days there then a week on oxygen (Bill and I drove over and back in a 5 day period to help with Lily and ended up cleaning Jaimee's old apartment she'd just moved out of)

  • Mom and Pop decided to move to a retirement community to make their life a little easier since Pop had to give up driving (a 3rd accident on March 1st convinced us it was time)

  • Tori died on St Patrick's Day. I flew to California and spent a week with Mom

  • the day I got back, we started helping Mom and Pop move and packed up their house and put it on the market (this entails many days of U-haul trucks and trailers and 4-hour drives each way)

  • we got back 1 a.m. on Saturday morning and de-cluttered our house over the rest of the weekend and will put it on the market this week (I'll be painting and fixing it up for the next few weeks while Bill goes to DC again and then spends a week aduiting offices in East Texas )

What I'm trying to say is, I really miss my nice quiet life. When I think of how yesterday was September and today is April...something...I wonder where my life went?


  1. Your post makes me feel exhausted.

    But I continue to love your labels.

  2. I strive for witty, but lately it's just pathetic!

  3. Wit will be a lot easier when you post the picture of me toasting my Peeps in front of the space heater. I'm also dying to see the "feeding frenzy" photos you took.

  4. You have had a hell of a run. I hope things slow down and stabalize for you guys. And you forgot to mention that you lost your voice in CA as well.