Thursday, April 15, 2010

Carded At Sixty...Yay!

I had to dig up some pictures from the collection from the Chicago trip in Feb as Bill just got back last night and was in no shape to do a tutorial on uploading (or is it downloading?) pictures. So the picture above is when I still had decent, if not good, hair.

Last night Bill and I ordered the "2 for 1 Senior Special" at IHOP and the waitress asked to see my ID to prove I was 55...YAY! I happily pulled out my ID showing the big 6-0.

I wonder if she would've questioned my old age if she had seen the get-up I had on one day at Jaysa and Mike's? It was one of those first days with Baby Ben when lack of sleep and better judgement caused me to realize late one afternoon that absolutely nothing I had on that day (I was still in my pajama bottoms) in any way matched. In fact, it was an abysmal failure in the 'outfit' department.

Funny thing was, I had been wearing it all day (it was about 3 in the afternoon) and neither Mike nor Jaysa had even noticed the unique flavor of my duds. The only reason I noticed was because I think there was some discussion about who was going to make a chow run and I looked down to see if I could go as I was or if I needed to change.


  1. So after you looked you decided you were fine and went for food, right?

  2. If only Jay and Mike lived in a college town, that outfit would be par for the course at grocery stores, liquor stores, and fast food restaurants.

  3. I think we decided that she looked okay and sent her out! Most likely Mike and I were sporting similarly hideous looks, although I don't think I have ever put together that many patterns and colors in one ensemble. Mom wins the prize for that get-up.