Sunday, April 18, 2010

When Is A House Not A Home?

When is a house not a home? Anybody who has ever put their home up for sale knows the answer to that! We've shined her up and had painters in to finish all the projects I started and didn't complete.

Every time the phone rings we're ready to leave at a few minutes notice, which takes quite a bit of engineering when you live with Gampy. The other day I let my guard down and was still in my PJ's at 9:25 am. That was a mistake...the phone rang and a sweet little girl from the real estate office said, "There is a realtor who will show your house between 9:45 and 10:15".... YIKES!!! I learned my lesson that day and they won't catch me lazin' around after 8 am again.

Now there is NO laundry in the laundry room (I do it after 9 pm each night so there's none in the hamper either.)

There's no magazines on the coffee table...well, there are in this picture, but there aren't any when we leave the house each day, just in case.

There are two brand new lights over the outside entrance, and a new rug at the door. By the way, the door has been sanded down and re-stained in a beautiful new mahogany finish on the outside (I'll get a shot of that later on.)

All the walls have been painted in the rooms I started, but couldn't quite commit to finishing. And the dining room walls have been done too. It was amazing to see the painter, Charles, start and finish the room the same day. Far different than my struggle that goes on for weeks with a lot of days off in between.

The pictures on the floor are Raymond and Jessie's and we're going to take them up to them. But I did notice how great they would look in the room if they were to be hung on the wall. Somewhat of a perfect match and would add so much more dignity than my chicken and rooster prints I'm so fond of. Hey, this girl knows her faults.

I wonder if people actually believe that we live like this? hmmmm, it's only been a week. I wonder how long we can last? Anyone taking bets?

I even took all the pots off the potrack and took down the spice jar. Then I spent one whole afternoon buying and arranging the towels below. Unfortunately, later in the week I saw some monogrammed ones I liked better so I'm preparing to spend another afternoon in that pursuit. And yes, Bill has been scolded and schooled to leave the perfect towels alone and use the meager one laid on the counter. It can be thrown in the hamper on our way out the door.

It's so hard to be perfect. But I think I'm finding my inner Martha and that can be dangerous. In fact, I've got 35 things on my To Do list regarding the house alone and have started a new blog called 'Finding My Martha' for dishing on creative things around the house. But, today I'm spending this Sunday looking for Bed-Bath-and Beyond's 20%-off-one-item coupons. Who knew you could use more than one coupon per visit? Well, maybe Jaysa the coupon queen, but I've always just made several trips each day when I had lots of their coupons. Duh!


  1. It looks so nice, but then, it always does!

  2. The house looks great! I've also heard that Bed Bath and Beyond will take expired coupons but I've never been brave enough to try.

  3. The person at BB&Beyond actually told me I could use more than one coupon at a time. Then I remembered that Jaysa (who rocks the couponding) had told me that a while back.

  4. Yes, most will take expired coupons and they will all take multiple coupons, as long as you don't have more coupons than items. And also some of them are $5 off $15 or more purchase, and sometimes those won't work at the end because the discounts have already lowered the total. But at that point you have to figure you have already received a pretty good deal. I do love coupons and bargains! It kills me to pay full price for anything. Mom, I have some BBB coupons that I will put in the mail for you.

    Your house looks great. I like the new curtains in the family room. We need a close-up shot of that. And also you promised a close-up of the new lights but never posted it... Let's see them!

  5. Oh yeah, if you do slip up a little in your efforts, keep in mind that the people who ended up buying our house came unannounced when I was off work for Good Friday. The realtor assumed I wasn't home and let himself in. I was in the shower, thought there was an intruder, and came down soaking wet in a towel. Since I didn't know anyone was coming, there was a pizza box on the counter from dinner the night before and random stuff out that I never would have left out had I known someone was coming. So don't worry too much about how things look. And our house at its best didn't look half as nice as your house at its worst, I'm sure. We barely had any furniture at that time.